WordPress Version 2.7 is here!


WordPress 2.7 is here!

I have had a few emails from some readers/subscribers about the latest version of WordPress which is 2.7

I can appreciate why some people seemed worried given that the Admin Dashboard is totally different ….

This may have thrown some people, given some emails stating ‘they don’t know how to use it, please help!’

Firstly, I would like to reassure readers/subscribers of my blog, the WordPress Blog does the exact same things the previous version does.

If anything there have been some improvements made, mainly the Plugins install feature, Quick Press Feature and at a glance comments, to name a few

I have created a very quick video, showing the ‘new’ admin dashboard, you will have to excuse me if I sound a bit ‘croacky’, but I have a servere dose of Man-Flu.

I have muddled up a well known saying ( blames the Man Flu ), can anyone spot it?

Some of the questions, I have also recieved is ‘should I upgrade to WordPress 2.7?’ , this is a personal preference, I will be holding off until I know all WordPress Plugins I am using are compatible with the latest version.
I would suggest that you should be using WordPress 2.6.5 at the very least, given the bug fixes and features.

I will do a more detailed video shortly, once I have totally familiarised myself with the 2.7 Version and all it’s features

As always, feel free to comment, or send an email and I will reply as always 😉

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  1. Nice video Tommy, and I’m pretty sure your readers will appreciate it! Cause like you say, some could be a little nervous when they see something that doesn’t quite look like the others!…

    I wrote a post over on my blog, about why I believe people should upgrade to the latest version. And I’m also making use of some of the new features! 😀

    One thing I would like to add is that *IF* anyone doesn’t want to upgrade to 2.7, then you really should be using 2.6.5! I still know of a few people who work on 2.3! (There has been so much added, and many bugs fixed, between ALL these new updates!)

    Speak to you soon!


  2. Garry says:

    Hi Tommy,

    While since I’ve popped across to your site as I’ve been snowed under getting my Newletter ready for publishing tomorrow. Must say it is very impressive and some great useful articles as well.

    I haven’t upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and I am very worried about doing so.

    Basically, I saw all the problems Dean Holland had with his ebook and don’t want to have any links that go to dead-ends in my newsletter. Also, all the other blogs linking to my posts from all over – will those links get broken and not work if I upgrade?


  3. @ Mark – Good to see you mate – Thanks for the comments

    @ Garry – I would suggest holding off on WordPress 2.7 until everything is stabilised with Plug-ins and other fixes.



  4. @ Tommy – Yip, it sure is nice to see you, and I must say you’ve got a very nice blog here! (Along with the posts, of which it’s quite easy to tell you come from Scotland! – It sounds that way anyway!) 😉

    @ Garry – Upgrading WordPress for the first time can be a little daunting, but once it’s done, you feel that you’ve achieved something good! In otherwords, you carried out a process in which you’d rather not have, given the chance.

    Regarding your links breaking when you upgrade, the only way that is going to happen is if you change the permalin structure! As I said, I started my blog using 2.3 I believe, and my links have never broken whenever I upgraded! 😀

    @ All – WordPress 2.7 went under bete-testing for a good month, it was mean’t to be released on November 10th but as most of you know the WP team launched it December 10th instead! (If I’m right, we had Beta1, Beta2, RC1 and RC2 leading up to the release day! – RC is short for Release Candidate!)

    So during that month, MANY people tried out the new version, and submitted ‘Tracs’ if they spotted anything. The team could then work through them all and tick them off the list.

    Not to mention that WordPress launched 2.7 over on about 4 days before. There are thousands of users, who would also be able to test out the script and make sure it was working! – And from what I’ve seen and used, I’d safely say that this release is stable, and the plugins use are working fine! – For the sake of an incompatible, I would rather disable it and upgrade, while I waited for the plugin author to update the plugin. 😉

    Just my $0.02 worth!


  5. That’s meant to say!…

    For the sake of an incompatible plugin, I would rather disable it and upgrade, while I waited for the plugin author to update their plugin. 😉


  6. @ Mark – Thanks for the detailed comment, I am from Scotland lol !! even with the croacky man-flu voice at moment …

    Re: 2.7 I hear you, I have many domains, so I will be testing all features and creating videos with my findings, this blog will be getting updated to 2.7 at some point…

    I do believe that people have different degrees of knowledge and confidence when it comes to changes, and like everything else something like updating the /%postname%/ can be a major thing ….

    I am about to get down to writing my ‘new book’ that will be giving step by step instructions on both versions as well as video tutorials.

    This was detailed as one of my goals for 2009 ….. I had also held off a few weeks to help Dean get his book out there as I did not want to be releasing anything to concide with his eBook …

    Could be a bit Take That v Britney lol !!!

    Not saying which of us would be Britney but will say you do not want to see me in hot pants 😉

    Now where did I put my Top Hat and Fishnets !! 😉



  7. Nikki says:

    Tommy – top hat and fishnets?! I didn’t have you down as a Rocky Horror fan…!! Ha ha…

    I’m using WP 2.7 for what it’s worth, and apart from it seeming to accidentally doing something strange to my About Me page, I haven’t had any problems yet. But then my site is still very basic, so that might be why…!



  8. Nikki says:

    Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog – I haven’t added a widget as I did that and then it replicated a Blogroll heading – the headings on the right on my page were automatically there when I installed the theme.

    In my Footer.php file there’s just a load of illegible nonsense – nothing of any structure or sense. But I think if I delete it all then I’ll mess up the site. I was wondering if it would be better to delete the Blogroll that’s already set up as part of the theme (think it’s under my Sidebar coding, but I could be wrong), and then add in a widget instead to create my blogroll that way. That might then stop it automatically replicating in the footer of my site – what do you think?



    PS – Can you tell that I’m really not very technical at all?!

  9. @ Nikki – if you have checked the footer.php and there is no coding for blog roll then yes, undo what you did and create a widget in the sidebar …

    If you need anything else, let me know 😉



  10. Nikki says:

    Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for that – I’ll try to have a play with it tomorrow, so might end up without much of a site for a while! And then will probably be back with all sorts of questions!



  11. Robin Pike says:

    Hi Tommy:

    Thanks for adding a comment on my blog. I have obtained a domain for my blog and I also have hosting but I have no clue how to move my wordpress blog from .com over to .org. I am also struggling with getting my google analytics set up on my blog. There are other things that I want to add also like my Aweber link, RSS feed, Twitter and Facebook … I know, Im a mess!!! I am hoping you can help me out!!!

    Desperately needing help … RObin 🙂

  12. @ Nikki – Let me know if you need anything else 😉

    @ Robin – I just putting a pair of underpants over my trousers, help is on the way – check you mail box 😉



  13. Hi, Tommy:

    Been cruising the other Alex Student blogs, and found yours to be a goldmine of info! Thanks for that. I’ve got you bookmarked and will scour your site once I can get completely up to speed – almost there but have one issue that is keeping me down. Maybe you can help?

    It’s a WordPress issue I’ve encountered before. I can add a widget, but when I click on edit to remove or change it, nothing happens. I haven’t been comfortable trying to add new pages or categories (I don’t seem able to anyway) until I know I can delete them if they look like crap. What could be happening to prevent my being able to edit a widget when I click on ‘edit’? I currently have 3 RSS feed widgets there, and want to delete 2 of them.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


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