WordPress Plugins BluePrint is Live – Grab a FREE Copy today!


WordPress Plugins BluePrint is now finished and live 😉

I am sure it will be a valuable resource for your WordPress Blog ….

I want to first share the story about the creation of the WordPress Plugins BluePrint eBook and hope that it may drive you to create your own product and take action 😉

Thanks to Marcus Passey, for allowing me to share this story 😉 (Buddy you will be a star in the Internet Marketing Arena, keep the faith and focus ….. )

As you will know by now, I have always been open and honest that if you contact me for help or advice I will always look help you to overcome whatever problem or barrier that you may be struggling with ….

Anyways, back to my story …..

Marcus contacted me on my cell phone a while back asking for some help and guidance with creating a new product ….

We arranged a time to have a one to one brainstorming session and set to work, lots of ideas were being generated , one of which was a WordPress Plugins eBook ……

Reasoning I had behind it was ….. easy to research , sought after topic, would be good product either to sell or build a list with it …..

Marcus did not agree with me and plumped for another topic …… I respected this, but the WordPress Plugin idea was still niggling at me, so I decided to create it myself 😉

As well as being a valuable resource to add to my current products, I hoped it would inspire others, as one of the common problem or personal barriers I find that most people encounter is that of having a lack of confidence and the feeling of “I can’t do that!” ….

This is a natural stumbling block, but I was hoping that this may possibly drive someone to ‘grab the bull with the horns’ and go for it, everyone has it in them to create a book 😉

And so …………

WordPress Plugins BluePrint was born!!! Woo Hoo 😉

(Marcus has joked with me, that he wished he had gone for that idea after seeing finished product …. I do however know that his product will be a corker as well …… )

Ok, I am sure that WordPress Plugins BluePrint will help you improve your WordPress Blog, I have as promised in my last video also included the following for you:

A Squeeze Page (Just copy & paste your AWeber Code or Payment Button)
A Download Page
A Download Folder
Your Resell Licence with support details

All you need to do is upload to your webspace and away you go 😉

You can Download your copy by clicking the image below:

Click here to get your copy of WordPress Plugins BluePrint

There will be regular updates as there are 1000’s of WordPress Plugins for many functions, I was concious that I did not want to just cram the book full of Plugins just for the sake of it 😉

However, this is your eBook so to speak so if you have any suggestions or want your own Plugin included within future versions of WordPress Plugins BluePrint, then post a comment below …..

Again, big thanks to Marcus and I hope you the reader enjoy this ebook and maybe even go on to create your own product, if not then feel free to utilise this product within Giveaways, Memberships to earn money or help build your subscriber list …..

Keep any eye out as I will be launching Niche Blogging Riches towards the end of this month (another product I hope will help you 😉 )

I am in the process of creating some promo videos for another very special project I have planned in January 2010 …….

So all in all some big things happening at ‘Tommy Towers’ ………

Meantime, enjoy WordPress Plugins BluePrint and feel free to retweet 😉

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  1. Dean Holland says:

    Tommy my man…

    You never cease to amaze me, you just keep coming out with stuff to help anyone and everyone.

    I remember you being there for me when I was a lost sole online and I will never forget that, you truly are a great guy – Thankyou !

    I’m grabbing my copy of this right now and as always I’m sure I can learn a lot from you…

    Those little hints at your next projects are a real tease !! Cant wait to see what you’ve got coming.

    All I can say to you is thankyou … thankyou .. THANKYOU !

    All the best

    Your friend forever…Dean
    .-= Dean Holland´s last blog ..FREE One-Off Live Training With Me (Dec. 8th) =-.

  2. Mark Terrell says:

    Hey Tommy,

    Well done, this will help many people.

    I just grabbed my copy as always you have over delivered….

    Cant wait for you next product, just give me the nods up !!

    Take Care

    Mark Terrell (coaching Newbies)
    .-= Mark Terrell´s last blog ..Driving Free Instant Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers =-.

  3. Lisa says:

    I am amazed! The info y’all have to share is just so valuable! I am so happy to know you and Marcus and Dean. I think I hit the jack pot!!
    I am so blessed!!

    Got your WP Plugins and I am off to check my blog right now!!

    Thank you so much Tommy!

    You inspire me!


  4. […] Y’all HAVE to check this out!! My friend Tommy just finished his new ebook WP Plugins!! Go check it out HERE!! YAY!! […]

  5. Nick Brosnan says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I always thought that creating my own ebook was never going to happen but i stuck at it and now im in the process of writing my first ebook and i can’t wait to release it.

    Going to grab a copy now looking forward to reading it.

    Take care,

    .-= Nick Brosnan´s last blog ..What Ive Been Doing =-.

  6. David Walker says:

    Hi Tommy,

    Congratulations on another superb report!

    With so many WordPress plugins to choose from it is easy to get overwhelmed! Heck, even with several years WordPress experience under my belt I still have problems choosing the right plugin for the right job or wondering if indeed there is a plugin for my needs!

    You have compiled an amazing list of the best WordPress plugins out there for today’s Internet Marketer and I have spotted several in there that I was not aware of.

    I am off to check them out now and integrate them in my own blog!

    Thanks again Tommy, you are a top man!

    Speak soon.

    .-= David Walker´s last blog ..Live Webinar – Thursday 10 December 5pm EST =-.

  7. Paul Wilson says:

    Hey Tommy,

    Grabbed your report yesterday and never got back to you!

    Wow, talk about a comprehensive list, i’ll definitely be checking those out in more detail … and setting up the squeeze page for my own listbuilding efforts 🙂

    Nice one mate, thanks for over delivering as usual!!

    Talk soon,

    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..Is Video REALLY What You Want? =-.

  8. Harry Deitch says:

    To: Mr. Tommy McLaughlin.
    Thank you for the “Wonderful” book about WP Plug-ins. As a Beginner (about 4-6 years), I made a wrong decision when I first started on the IM. I created a large website (with XsitePro), and it really is not heading anywhere.
    I have decided to start creating blogs. There are 2 kinds. The Store type and the Mini-Site type. Your Plug-in book has become an invaluable text (mentor).
    There are two (2) questions I have for you, please.=
    1] As I have been refused an affiliate position with eBay, is there a plug-in where I can use others companies such as a) Overstock b) Commission Junction etc.?
    2] With the Amazon plug-in, will it give me a few pages (according to my Keyword) ?
    Regards Harry Deitch (Sydney, Australia).

  9. @ Harry – I will email you in a day or so re:plugins

    With eBay i my experience get your site with some other affiliate poducts Amaon etc and reapply …..

    There are a few Amazon Plugins …. 😉

    Speak soon


  10. Hello Tommy

    Wow mate great book my friend its okay you can take the credit lol.

    Only joking it was a great idea mate and one which I wish I had gone for, im jealous now ha ha.

    Thanks for the mention in your post Tommy,you are a good man always helping people out.

    You are going to do HUGE things in the near future.

    Speak very soon mate

    Have a great Christmas and new year


    .-= marcus passey´s last blog ..I build my Twitter account on autopilot you can to =-.

  11. Hey Harry,

    Sorry for the delay the thing that may help you create webstores with multiple affiliate choices would be Datafeedr

    It would depend on which Amazon Plugin you were using as many have different features …..

    Need anything else, drop me an email and I will reply as soon as I can 😉

    Speak Soon


  12. Vance Sova says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I have to congratulate you on your amazing productivity in product creation.

    I can’t imagine making several new products within a couple of months as you seem to be doing with ease.

    I will download your Word Press Plug Ins Blueprint with many thanks.

    I’m convinced that using too many plug ins is not good but perhaps you reveal in your book which ones are best to use an in what combination.

    .-= Vance Sova´s last blog ..Get Blog Traffic Increase With Blog Comments =-.

  13. Hey Vance,

    You are spot on …. there is no need to overload your WordPress Blog with Plugins….

    My new eBook is designed to ensure you choose the right plugins for whatever task you require …

    Thanks for stopping by


  14. Charles K. says:


    I write very few responses to a product or service due to it not living up to all the hype?

    However you have finally convinced me that anyone can do a professional blogging business! Just follow the directions……

    You explain it so simple even a Caveman can do it!!!! 🙂

    You have a new client Tom!!

    Charles K.

  15. Brian says:

    Inspirational story about helping someone with their brainstorming and finding something for your business along they way. It is true what they say. Helping others is the best way to help yourself.
    .-= Brian´s last blog ..The Journey begins =-.

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