WordPress Plugins BluePrint is coming soon – Do you want your own branded copy?


How are we all doing today?

This post is continuing on from the Things to think about when writing your first eBook Post ……

I also seem to be continuing on with the movies theme and the other day I started to feel like George Lucas – creator of Star Wars Movies …….

Let me explain, as again you might be thinking from Po the Panda to Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker lol !!!! 😉

Over the last couple of months, I have been trying to refocus all my energies into creating products and with that hopefully provide consistant value to you my reader/subscriber.

I won’t say too much just now but there will be a few new products appearing very soon, on top of this I had started writing an eBook – On how to create an eBook, in which I will cover everything from start to finish ……

Ok, so where does WordPress Plugins Blueprint eBook and George Lucas come in??? Good Question …..

Well, the reason I felt like George Lucas, is that he stated when creating the Star Wars movies, he had the vision on how the story would pan out hence the first movie was actually episode IV in the series before we saw the full vision after episode III many years later …..

This is how I felt at 4am on Thursday morning, yes 4am !! when I in my mind had pictured my path online and where I will ultimately be I hope to be at end of 2009 ….

So I think I am starting at my episode IV and until I reveal the full picture of where I will be it may not make total sense …….. it is like writing a book, you have your ending and working backwards 😉

Ok, so I have started writing my creating an eBook project, so why jump to WordPress Plugins eBook??

The reason being I thought I could use this as a working example within my first eBook, how did the topic come about for this …..

I received a call from Marcus Passey and we had a long conversation about how to create a product and brainstormed some topics, one of the topics I suggested was WordPress Plugins, a good and easy topic to research and something that would interest thousands of WordPress Blog owners …… as well as show the true power of WordPress ……

Marcus plumped for a short WordPress Video Series (Well Done for taking action Marcus! 😉 )

The WordPress Plugins idea was still swishing about in my head along with a few other ideas …… so I did a bit of research and came up with the WordPress Plugins BluePrint Domain Name …….

This is the point where I open this up to you 😉

I have as I spoke about earlier started to create the backbone of my eBook on my hardback notebook …..

Some of the topic chapters are going to be :

Membership Sites Plugins
Social Media Plugins

Search Engine Optimization
Review Site Plugins
Admin Plugins …. etc etc

May well write about around 150-250 WordPress Plugins, tagline I have in my head would maybe something like ‘Transform your Blog into WordPress PowerHouse’ or something similiar ……

So what would you suggest should be included in the eBook?

With respect to the creating an eBook, I have not even thought of a title yet …….

What would you suggest I call that eBook?

I will look to give away 3 branded copies of the WordPress Plugins BluePrint eBook to the best suggestions ….. this will include your website/blog address, your affiliate links (remember some WordPress Plugins will be Premium Plugins 😉) , also there will be definately one affiliate link within the eBook that will earn you $48.50 a sale!!!

So Let the Brainstorming begin 😉

Look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts as always 😉

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  1. Hey Tommy

    How are things going mate?? right I will have to think of a name to get that rebranded ebook my friend.

    I loved brainstorming with you dude,you know you gave me great advice just not ready yet to create a product yet you see I aint got a clue.

    It wil come im doing well in other areas and still dedicated as hell.

    speak soon my friend

    take it easy


  2. Jim Cassidy says:

    Hi Tommy and greetings from the flatlands of Norfolk (although originally from the Ancient Kingdom)
    First time I’ve dropped by and boy would I like my blog to look like this. Mine’s a dog’s dinner in comparison..but from what I read in AJ’s Forum you’re the master.
    Keep up the great work and the inspiration, I’ll contact you through the Forum with a couple of probs I’m having, although if you pay me a visit they’ll be self evident.
    All the best
    .-= Jim Cassidy´s last blog ..What Can I Write About?? =-.

  3. Hey Tommy,

    Can’t wait to see this when it’s finished.

    I’ve got a title you may like or can play around with:

    How about “Plug it in and Switch it On!” or something around that idea?

    Hope it helps and talk soon,
    .-= andrew vaughan´s last blog ..For Internet Marketing Success – Make a CHANGE! =-.

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the comment, it is the eBook Creation eBook I have not named yet – the WordPress book will be called WordPressPluginsBluePrint

    Like your train of thought 😉

    Speak soon


  5. Jacinta Dean says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I am very interested in learning more about your new ebook coming out. I actually did a google search the other night and couldn’t find any ebooks on plugins and the best plugins etc to use.

    I have been a student of JT’s and have been learning from 30DC as well as reading books etc. And the one thing they don’t cover is the recommended word press plugins! There are thousands of them and how do you know which ones to use?

    Hurry up with your book!! 😆

    Kind Regards

    Jacinta 🙂
    Trying to create a business online around a 2 year old!! 😀
    .-= Jacinta Dean´s last blog ..Do You Want To Create Your Own Dream Life? =-.

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