The Power of Private Label Right Products – Profit from PLR Special Offer


It has been a long time since I have been excited about a product that someone other than myself is launching …….

What is the product I hear you ask, well it is called – John Thornhill’s Profit From PLR

As in my previous post about things to think about when creating your first eBook, one of the questions was can I use a Private Label Rights eBook to create my product?

What is Private Label Rights?

Private Label Right products in a nut shell are yours to own, edit, sell, resell, grant resale rights to and more. Basically you are the author of the product without writing or creating a thing.

So it does not take a genius to realise the value of these products. (If used correctly 😉 )

You can use PLR as your own and sign your name as the creator. Putting it simple, you have a business in a box within minutes writing a single word.

When you have your own PLR products you can:

Sell them on their own mini site – Use the PLR material to create
your own mini website and sell your products from there.

Add them to bigger packages – Take 3 or 4 related PLR products
and add them to a larger package. This is turn will allow you to
sell your package for a much higher price and create for yourself
a great source of income for very little effort.

The choices are endless when you have the content at your disposal.

The only thing that most people struggle with is how to make the product their own and get it up and running and market
it in the correct manner …..this is where John comes in.

John Thornhill has created a new product called Profit From PLR. Now profit from PLR shows you exactly what to do with the PLR content you have.

In the form of video tutorials, John will walk you through a series of phases which will learn you the techniques needed to make your PLR a success.

I have been part of John’s Mentoring Program, this is why I am excited as I fully appreciate the value and power of the Profit from PLR package. Not to mention that John makes close to $1 Million Dollars a year with digital products!!

As most of you as my readers/subscribers will know I have quite a few products in the pipeline for release, so I am fully compentent in creating a product and getting it ready for release to market …..

I am continuing to push myself hard, this will benefit you as I am coming out of my comfort zone and have put together a very special offer, such is the high regard I have for this product:

You can view the offer, at the link below:

John’s product is in pre-launch and there is a free video showing how to make $2,000 a week on autopilot, afterwhich he has a very special offer for those interested for the first couple of days ……

So, if you are thinking about creating your own product, I would ask you check it out, you will be glad you did

As always if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them …….

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  1. Hi Tommy

    Oh you got a terrific looking blog eh! I am also looking at plr and how it can be harnessed in my overall plan. Thank you for this post which I think newcomers will find helpful. I’ll talk to you soon, cheers!

    .-= Nona Sangalang´s last blog ..Ebay & Internet Marketing: 2 Membership Sites Offering Good Value for Newcomers =-.

  2. Hey again Tommy,

    For a guy like myself I think that PLR is an absolute godsend. For creating articles, blog posts, website content, new ebooks etc, etc. It is absolutely the best thing out there.

    The important bit is finding good PLR and using it wisely. And this sounds like a good place to start. John is highly recommended and if you are also endorsing it then it will be worth a look.

    .-= Andy Michaels´s last blog ..Ye Must Give Back Before Ye Shall Receive! =-.

  3. Lisa says:

    I am so looking forward to learning about PLR and how to use it! When I graduate from Deanos class, we will have to get together and you can tell me what you know.
    I am so excited you are doing this!!
    I will check out the link and send you the receipt!

    Take care Tommy. You’re the best!

    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..So far so good!! =-.

  4. Tommy my man how the devil are ya??

    Great post on plr mate,I am lucky to be involved with a guy thats gonna help me out as he is getting John Thornhills product.

    Hopefully we gonna get things going.

    Thanks for the heads up and great stuff you are giving us an opportunity to get involved.

    speak soon Tommy

    ps god knows how you do those 24hour shifts.


    .-= marcus passey´s last blog ..Do You Want A Blog Like Mine??You Asked For It So Here It Is!! =-.

  5. Hi Tommy,

    You’ve made me wake up to this, cause I have some gold PLR products I purchased only 6 months ago which were limited to only 500 people.

    Funny thing is though, I’ve seen these products out in the market place with no changes made to them at all, which to me defeats the objective for purchasing PLR in the firs place. You need to put your own stamp on the product.

    So with what I have learnt so far with MWA2.0 these are really going to help me!

    That said, I am certainly going to seriously look at John’s new product….makes sense!

    Take care


  6. Hey Sean,

    Thanks for the comment …. if my post has made you take action, then that is a positive thing 😉

    Will drop by your blog shortly

    Speak soon


  7. Paul Hooper says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I am just realizing the potential of PLR and i bought John’s product the minute it launched so I’m already viewing all the videos. For a little bit of work you can get a lot of reward using PLR, so i want to try and get at least one, maybe two products ready and up for sale on clickbank each month.
    Cheers Tommy,
    .-= Paul Hooper´s last blog ..Different Traffic methods =-.

  8. Paul,

    Congrats on getting in on the Profit from PLR ….. I agree there is a lot of money that can be made with PLR ….. look forward to seeing how you implement John’s Tutorials ….

    Keep in touch


  9. adrian chan says:

    Hey there tommy, i’m glad i popped past your site!
    The article on PLR is awesome! I think its such a resourceful idea!
    Good to see your blog is all happening buddy!
    Adrian from down under! cheers mate:)
    .-= adrian chan´s last blog ..5 Day GiveAway! =-.

  10. Norene says:

    Thanks for the link to the PLR products! Great stuff! -Norene
    .-= Norene´s last blog ..7 Tips for Choosing a Web Host =-.

  11. Karn Evans says:

    Hey Tommy,

    John Thornhill is also someone I highly recommend. I use to be a fellow student quite some time ago and left in a period when I was a paranoid newbie. But I still have a lot of his material and it is very good quality.

    Great post providing a lot of value for anyone looking to get in PLR.


    .-= Karn Evans´s last blog ..Starting with Marketing Module 6 – Screen Kings & Queens =-.

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