The end of selling Digital Media CD’s on eBay?


Well for some sellers it may be ….. I personally think it is still possible to sell Digital media on CD via eBay..

Let me explain, there was an interesting thread started by myself on John Thornhill’s Forum , the reason being was that I logged into my eBay account to find that all my auctions had been removed for a “Copyright Violation”.

This puzzled me as I knew that everything I had listed I had a Master Resell Licence, was Private Label Rights or I was even the author!!!, namely my PowerSellersNiches eBook .

It very quickly became evident that I was not alone, the thread now has over 110 replies and I have studied it closely and also all the replies I and others have received from eBay.

The first thing that came to light was that the “Enhanced Members Reporting” program may have been the start of the problem, this is where eBay select ‘experts’ eBay Sellers in their opinion to report auctions (I should mention that this has been predominantly on the UK Site)….

For anyone that has experienced problems with eBay, you rarely get a straight answer, ie – ‘what where the auctions that were in violation?’

You will normally be frustrated with a ‘copy & paste’ answer, resulting in your blood pressure rising …

I can only suggest you keep calm, and if it helps here are my interpretations to the mumble jumble of the ‘copy & paste’ replies.

1. My Notification to eBay VERO Members other sellers, may have gotten me into trouble, I sell lots of different sorts of digital media, here is my notice:

Special Notice to eBay Staff, Vero, Safe Harbor…I am Copyright Holder, Author or the item is in the public domain Proof is available upon request. This product does not infringe any copyrights and fully conforms with eBay compilation and international media policy. Please contact me if you have any questions or require further information.

now the grammar within the above ‘one does all’ statement for my auctions was ‘public domain’ reason as I was aware was that information that is ‘public domain’ must be over 70 years old pre 1923 or similiar to fall out of copyright. Not all my auctions were content pre 1923.

Here is the eBay Policy that was quoted to me:

Selling of Unauthorised Copies .

Was this why my auctions were ended? Maybe …

Checking some of my other auctions, I am wondering if possibly ‘open office’ caused a problem, this is a freeware GNL Licenced equivelant to Microsoft Office. Even though eBay Sellers are Licenced to sell etc, one of the replies lead me to believe that maybe it was this that caused a problem.

Here is the eBay Policy that was sent to me and others:

Selling of Replica Counterfiets .

Reading between the lines although you may have a GNL Licence to sell it, eBay deem it prohibited.

Reading through all the relevant eBay policies, it is deemed a violation if you encourage buyers to purchase outwith the eBay Marketplace. Although I did not do that I have seen others being specific about overseas customers to buy from their ‘digital media’ website as they do not dispatch CD’s Overseas. I would suggest you are careful with this one.

As I mentioned above I still believe it is possible to earn a good income from eBay, there are lots of profit making digital media sellers Profit Making digital media Sellers .

Tips to try and stay on the right side of eBay:

If using a gallery picture, you should always use a CD image, don’t use an eBook image or Book image, you are selling a CD Rom.

I always use Planet Divinity for my Graphics.

Don’t overcomplicate your ‘note to eBay Sellers’ ….. keep it simple use ‘ I am authorised to sell this item’ or something short – may save you from an Enhanced Reporting Police!

Don’t direct buyers to other websites in your auction – ‘overseas buyers go to my about me page’ etc, you can have a link to your ‘about me’ page though.

Try not to mention eBook within your auction title or description, use alternatives such as ‘guide’ etc.

Don’t sell freeware software Open Office, PDF Creator, Music Software etc as you will get suspended for selling illegal copies of software.

Always list in ‘informational products’ as listing in other catergories may get you reported.

If selling in the UK, you may wish to consider automating your CD Delivery by using Auction Acrobat or something similiar like Disc Buddy and try listing on eBay US Site.

Any comments are welcome.

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  1. Harry says:

    Hi Tommy

    I’ve not been selling on ebay for a while but was planning on producing a CD version of my new resell rights guide and selling it cheap on ebay to help build a list. You given me some neat ideas and will be trying to list in the US & others.

    Thanks for the advice.


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