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As most will know the saying is ‘the money is in the list’ …..

Do you know what …. the above statement is true, the problem most new marketers encounter ….

‘How do I get people to subscribe to my list?’

Well, I will hold my hands up now, I am not a listbuilding expert, I do not profess to be ….

All that I have learned is from other marketers that have mammoth lists of subscribers …. as I have mentioned on other blogs and now my own …..

‘Knowledge is like a candle, if you have the knowledge, then you should let others light their candles from yours’ ….

Not sure if you agree 😉

The basics of listbuilding are I guess simple enough, ….

You would normally need :

A Good Product
A Squeeze Page
An Optin Box

Ok, so you have all of the above, you check your stats and still find that the people visiting are not subscribing to your Good Product

Why? ….. it could be bad luck …. could be where within your blog you have placed it ….maybe the visitor was only on you blog 30 secs and left ….

I have gotten hold of a great plugin that could help change that … check out the video below ….

What did you think?

Well the best of it, if you want to try this plugin it is FREE!

You will have to enter your name and email to get it delivered to your inbox.

I have purchased the Full Version of this software, the difference of Full Version is you can split test Headlines, and remove ‘powered by’ links as well as a range of other features.

I would suggest you go for free, have a play about, and upgrade to Full Version, if you want to expand your listbuilding optins.

You can get your free version of this Plugin here Get your Viral Listbuilding Plugin Here

When you confirm your email, you will be taken to a one time offer, you can ignore this as your plugin will have been delivered to your inbox seperately.

I will make a short video in the next coming days to show you how marketers get you to a oto page after subscribing using aweber ..

Feel free to post a comment or any feedback you have with this plugin 😉

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Ok, here we are at the next video tutorial, which will show you how to install WordPress Themes & WordPress Plugins to your WordPress Blog ….

There are hundreds of free wordpress themes out there, that can be used, you can go to an type in ‘free wordpress themes’

You can then choose one that you like, if you want a wordpress similiar to myself then you can download it free here Download Pro-Sense WordPress Themes Here the reason I like these templates are that they have a double sidebar which can be customised to include anything you want to monitise your blog …..

I will show you how this is done in my next video tutorial ….

Brilliant, you now have chosen the wordpress theme, that suits you, now you will need to think about which WordPress Plug-ins you want to use on your Blog …. (so much to think about!!) don’t panic though as after watching the video tutorial, you will be able to do this with ease, as always if you have any problems or questions, then just post a comment or question and I will help you 😉

There are numerous different types of WordPress Plug-ins you can use within your blog …..

I would reassure you, that there is no right or wrong plug-in to use on your WordPress Blog …..

There are plug-ins that will do the same or similiar functions, for example, ‘Add This’, ‘Share This’ or ‘Sociable’ Plug-ins all do the same function which is to allow your posts/blog be shared via ‘Social Media’ medium, now a lot of the time it is your personal preference as to what you like that will determine which WordPress Plug-ins you will use within your blog.

You can visit here to get your WordPress Plugins Click Here to view WordPress Plugins

In the video tutorial below I show you how to use ftp software to upload your WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins. I use a program called Filezilla, now there are lots of other software programs that will do the job, it is just that having used a few, I have personally found Filezilla to work well….

You can obtain your own copy of Filezilla Click here to download Filezilla ftp software

It is important that you download the version that will met your needs , ie- windows, mac user etc

I hope that I may have solved some of the issues that people that have emailed and posted questions on the blog about the uploading of wordpress plugins, but as you will find that a lot of learning is about trial and error, but I also prefer to try and “learn from other people’s mistakes” 😉 i say that as I have made the same mistakes as others….so that you don’t have to 😉

I also show you how to create ‘trackbacks’ in the video, I know that I have explained to some about ‘backlinks’ , however ‘trackbacks’ is a very useful tool to create traffic to your blog 😉

I hope you find the video tutorial helpful as I tried to get it done quickly given the emails & questions I have been receiving….

Please feel free to comment, good or bad so I can ensure that my videos get better ….

I have received some questions via email and on blog about adsense and changing sidebars etc …..I will ensure I cover this in my next video tutorial ……

Enjoy 😉

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Ok, by now you will have followed the first steps to creating your blog…. so again well done 😉

I have created as promised a video tutorial showing you how easy it can be to install WordPress via your C-Panel…

After watching you will see how something that seemed like a difficult task is actually easy to do ….

but as I always like to provide valuable snippets of information, you will also see how to set up a professional looking email address ….

Most people will have generic email addresses, maybe like or , which is ok, however appearance can be everything and small things can make a difference when it comes to presenting yourself to the online world 😉

I am sure you would agree that support @ or support @ not only cosmetically looks better but I would say it automatically installs a sense of confidence in the subscriber or reader?

Which do you prefer?

You are now well on your way to getting your first post under your belt on your new blog, I will be posting another video tutorial in the next day or so, showing you step by step how to upload themes and plugins to your blog to help you get the most out of Worpress.

As always, feel free to comment and let me know if there is anything else you would like covered.

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