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Well how are we this fine day?

Wimbledon Tennis Semi Final’s today, so fingers crossed that Andy Murray makes it to the final on Sunday — GO ANDY !!

Right, back on topic, -How to set up a WordPress Blog is finished.

As most of my readers & subscribers know that I have had some personal issues that delayed the completion of -How to set up a WordPress Blog , but as you will know I am a postive character so that has helped to me try and retain my focus and drive to ensure I produced what I think is a great product ( blowing his own trumpet !)

I do hope you agree with me 😉

I have tried to cover everything needed for someone with no experience of WordPress to have their WordPress Blog up and running today! The Book covers WordPress 2.8 so is bang up to date 😉

Even though it is a FREE Product, you have the added guarantee that if you still unsure of anything, then I will set everything up for you for FREE if required!! so you can’t fail 😉

So enough waffling, I hope you will have a look and please let me know what you think 😉

I have had emails about setting up JV’s and I will hopefully get things up and running next week 😉

So click the Banner below to get access:

Click here to get

I would love to hear what you think, so feel free to post your comments below 😉

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WordPress 2.7 is here!

I have had a few emails from some readers/subscribers about the latest version of WordPress which is 2.7

I can appreciate why some people seemed worried given that the Admin Dashboard is totally different ….

This may have thrown some people, given some emails stating ‘they don’t know how to use it, please help!’

Firstly, I would like to reassure readers/subscribers of my blog, the WordPress Blog does the exact same things the previous version does.

If anything there have been some improvements made, mainly the Plugins install feature, Quick Press Feature and at a glance comments, to name a few

I have created a very quick video, showing the ‘new’ admin dashboard, you will have to excuse me if I sound a bit ‘croacky’, but I have a servere dose of Man-Flu.

I have muddled up a well known saying ( blames the Man Flu ), can anyone spot it?

Some of the questions, I have also recieved is ‘should I upgrade to WordPress 2.7?’ , this is a personal preference, I will be holding off until I know all WordPress Plugins I am using are compatible with the latest version.
I would suggest that you should be using WordPress 2.6.5 at the very least, given the bug fixes and features.

I will do a more detailed video shortly, once I have totally familiarised myself with the 2.7 Version and all it’s features

As always, feel free to comment, or send an email and I will reply as always 😉

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