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Hey Hey,

How are you doing today?

First things first, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and advice as I have injured my back and having a bit of a struggle with the pain and lack of movement (although given some of the inspirtional emails I received about other peoples stories, I was truly humbled and dont really have anything to moan about 😉 )

I am as you will know be launching my Marketing Startup Masterclass next month, but as always want to provide my subscribers value, so watch the video below and I will explain 🙂

So there you have it, there are 5 FREE Places on my upcoming Marketing Startup Masterclass 🙂

The Mentoring Course will cover the following topics and more:

My ‘FFF’ Formula
Traffic Generation
Product Creation
Video Marketing & Video Creation
Affiliate Marketing

I will provide a more detailed structure very soon, I will also be creating a free report for you and creating video tutorials showing you behind the scenes of ‘Tommy Towers’ ……….

So you can see that I ‘walk the walk as well as talking the talk’ ………. I hope to by year end to have 20,000 subscribers and continue to provide value …….

As I mentioned in the video, I want to help you and 5 lucky subscribers will get a free place, let me know why you want it and how I can help you 😉

Good Luck

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