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Hey Hey,

How are you doing today?

First things first, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and advice as I have injured my back and having a bit of a struggle with the pain and lack of movement (although given some of the inspirtional emails I received about other peoples stories, I was truly humbled and dont really have anything to moan about 😉 )

I am as you will know be launching my Marketing Startup Masterclass next month, but as always want to provide my subscribers value, so watch the video below and I will explain 🙂

So there you have it, there are 5 FREE Places on my upcoming Marketing Startup Masterclass 🙂

The Mentoring Course will cover the following topics and more:

My ‘FFF’ Formula
Traffic Generation
Product Creation
Video Marketing & Video Creation
Affiliate Marketing

I will provide a more detailed structure very soon, I will also be creating a free report for you and creating video tutorials showing you behind the scenes of ‘Tommy Towers’ ……….

So you can see that I ‘walk the walk as well as talking the talk’ ………. I hope to by year end to have 20,000 subscribers and continue to provide value …….

As I mentioned in the video, I want to help you and 5 lucky subscribers will get a free place, let me know why you want it and how I can help you 😉

Good Luck

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Hey Peeps,

Merry Christmas to you all, well I am busier than ever with multiple projects in the process of being completed for release in January and February 2010 😉

As well as all the product creation and projects I have been busy with listbuilding ….. so much so I have managed to surpass the target I set myself of 5,000 Subscribers by December 31st 2009 😉

You may be wondering who the winner is ………….. watch the video below to find out 😉

So there we go now you know how to start to build a subscriber list 😉

Ok Ok, I know here is a recap :

1. Get an autoresponder to manage your subscriber list:

You can give AWeber a test drive for $1 here

2. Get some reliable and affordable Webhosting:

You can get Webhosting for only 1 cent here (Type: wordpress in the coupon box 😉 )

3. Get yourself a product to use to build your list (See post below if you are struggling )

4. Get yourself involved in as many JV Giveaway Promotions and start building your email list 😉

Here are some current Giveaway Promotions to join as a Contributor:

Self Improvement Gifts 4 Giveaway – January 5th 2010 – January 19th 2010

New JV Talent Giveaway – December 31st 2009 – January 10th 2010

Peoples JV Giveaway 2 – January 1st 2010 – January 31st 2010

The New Year Giveaway – January 1st 2010 – January 12th 2010

You now have everything you need to start building your list in 2010 😉

As I mentioned previously, I have a good few products being released in 2010 …….

Niche Blogging Riches willbe live in Mid January 2010 …. I have delayed this as I am further improving the content to ensure you will make money …. so thank you in advance for your patience but it will be well worth the slight delay …..

In February 2010, I will be launching something very very special …… more on this later ……..

In March 2010 , I will be launching two new projects, this is what I mentioned in the video above, so the Domain Names have been registered , just got to put meat on the bones 😉

The products in March will be geared at supporting you in your Listbuilding Ventures ……….

One last bit of advice, I can share with you and quite simply is THINK BIG when setting your Targets, this will motivate you to push on and break everything into 90 day chunks, so you can consantly review your progress……..

I hope this post has helped you, I would love to hear your comments or targets for 2010 ……

As always if you need help or advice, let me know and I will help you 😉

Good Luck ……..

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I was reviewing the work I managed to get done last night …..

To be honest, I was very miffed with myself, why? ….

It was because I was not practicing what I preach!

I maange a staff team of around 20 people, and one of the things I try to teach them, is the art of time management ….

Now, I am no expert in this field by any stretch of the imagination, but I work with what I call the ‘3D’s …..


You work out what you need to do, things you can delegate and plainly everything else Dump….

I know this is not rocket science, I also know others tell people the same …

last night after reviewing on my notebook where I was at, I found that ……

I wasted around 90 mins, well 97 mins to be exact, I got myself caught up in visiting other people’s Blogs …. that Bloomin Twitter ( which I love but got involved in an interesting conversation- See Post Below)

I then wrote the post below about the Google Contest and published it …….

Where was all this on my ‘DO LIST’?

Well I am guessing you already know, It wasn’t on the list!

This also what I love about my blog, I can ‘bare my soul’ in a manner of speaking.

The other reason, is as I have done with my 90 Day Goals, I am now making myself accountable for my ‘failings’

This may seem as if I am being a bit hard on myself, using harsh words like ‘failings’, however if I do not give myself a kick up the a** , then I will fail ….

I have made a commitment to all my readers/subscribers and others that I will have my ‘new’ product ready this month ….

The Salescopy has been outsourced as will be the Graphics, they will be ready in time ….

The question is will I be READY???

The answer is YES! YES! YES!

I just need to focus and keep to the ‘3D’s’

So if you think I am being unsociable over the coming few weeks, I can assure you I am not, I just have my goals to achieve 😉

As always, feel free to comment 😉

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