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Following on from my last post about the nifty WordPress Listbuilding Plugin, I thought that this would complement it and provide some valuable information for those of my readers and subscribers about
an all new 100% FREE product created by a guy in the UK
named Ray Johnson…

You see, Ray has aligned himself CLOSELY with the guru’s
of our industry and has literally went on an undercover
mission to reveal the shocking FACTS about making money
online that they just DO NOT want you to know.

And what’s more, it is not ever heard of in the internet
marketing world, that a fellow marketer would RISK his
business, his reputation and most certainly his profits… to deliver
the facts that are PREVENTING YOU AND ME (the smaller Marketers)
from making money.

Ray has discovered that the guru’s DO NOT practice what they preach!

They all tell us repeatedly that the money is in the list right?
Well DON’T believe it for a moment…

Because the guru’s of our industry are basically like the
President of a country – then govern and CONTROL what happens in online marketing… they team up together to create MASSIVE product launches and paydays… but there is one underlying reason WHY they do it.

To get you (and hundreds of thousands of others) to join their… Subscriber List – then simply sell to us over and over and over again… and literally make millions over time.

But how do us smaller guys build a monster online business
WITHOUT the name recognition, the budget, the contacts and the leverage that these guys have?

Well this is what Ray has put together with the special insider knowledge he has gathered – and let me tell you, it
has quite literally SHOOK the internet marketing business to it’s foundations – considering it won’t cost you a cent.

I commend Ray for showing REAL GUTS to fight for us smaller marketers and you should too, which is why Ray has asked me personally if YOU as my blog reader will help us spread the word.

Isn’t it TIME us smaller marketers came together to fight the guru machine and create our own real online marketing success?

As soon as you take a look at Ray’s FREE product he has given you everything you need to spread the word, to YOUR OWN list of subscribers.

Let’s put a STOP once and for all to the guru’s making all the income, because based on what Ray has discovered, you may aswell quit Internet Marketing RIGHT NOW if you chose NOT to join the fight.

In summary, I can safely say this is one of the BEST internet marketing product ever created and I give it my highest possible recommendation.

Feel free to take a look, as like I said it is FREE, and Ray has even thrown in 3 insider video’s, a 1 HOUR FREE audio (This is with John Thornhill, well worth listening to!) I have watch and learned from John for years also included is 3 reports that delve deep into the REAL secrets for building a profitable online business using ONLY your subscriber list.

Click Here for your FREE Subscriber List Secrets

I would appreciate your comments as always, let em know what you thought of the Audio…

As most will know the saying is ‘the money is in the list’ …..

Do you know what …. the above statement is true, the problem most new marketers encounter ….

‘How do I get people to subscribe to my list?’

Well, I will hold my hands up now, I am not a listbuilding expert, I do not profess to be ….

All that I have learned is from other marketers that have mammoth lists of subscribers …. as I have mentioned on other blogs and now my own …..

‘Knowledge is like a candle, if you have the knowledge, then you should let others light their candles from yours’ ….

Not sure if you agree 😉

The basics of listbuilding are I guess simple enough, ….

You would normally need :

A Good Product
A Squeeze Page
An Optin Box

Ok, so you have all of the above, you check your stats and still find that the people visiting are not subscribing to your Good Product

Why? ….. it could be bad luck …. could be where within your blog you have placed it ….maybe the visitor was only on you blog 30 secs and left ….

I have gotten hold of a great plugin that could help change that … check out the video below ….

What did you think?

Well the best of it, if you want to try this plugin it is FREE!

You will have to enter your name and email to get it delivered to your inbox.

I have purchased the Full Version of this software, the difference of Full Version is you can split test Headlines, and remove ‘powered by’ links as well as a range of other features.

I would suggest you go for free, have a play about, and upgrade to Full Version, if you want to expand your listbuilding optins.

You can get your free version of this Plugin here Get your Viral Listbuilding Plugin Here

When you confirm your email, you will be taken to a one time offer, you can ignore this as your plugin will have been delivered to your inbox seperately.

I will make a short video in the next coming days to show you how marketers get you to a oto page after subscribing using aweber ..

Feel free to post a comment or any feedback you have with this plugin 😉

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