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Well hello there,

As most subscribers and readers will already be aware the Alex Jeffreys 2.0 Coaching Program is now gathering some steam and let me tell you there are some superstars emerging and some serious contenders viaing for the position as the Numero Uno 2.0 Student this time round ……..

I have watched and observered everyone’s progress so far and the growth of some of the students in such a short time, has been nothing short of staggering and is again proving what Alex Jeffreys is teaching WORKS ( I would know as I am a student of Alex’s MWA 1.0 Program 😉 )

I personally think that the best learning as well as the Coaching Modules and bonus sessions, the best learning is in watching and observing what others are doing …….

What is evident that to try and maximise your opportunities and sucesses is to  very quickly –learn how to position yourself with your mentor

In Alex’s first coaching program there is no doubts that the star student was none other than Dean Holland

 This time round, I would suggest that you watch out for this young man who would be ‘King’ – Marcus Passey

The energy and enthusiasm of Marcus is evident for all to see, however I can see that he has very quickly grasped the concept of how to positioning yourself with your mentor ……

This will only mean one thing :


Marcus is using the power of the WordPress Blog, but more importantly he is branding himself virally by using Video Marketing ….. very powerful tool …..

Check out the video below as an example:


This video for a bit of fun:


The subconcious message in the power of the videos, is automatically making people think Marcus Passey = Alex Jeffreys…. no bad thing …..

There are many ways to postition yourself with your Mentor, write a book, create a product, document your online journey to success …..

No matter what you do – don’t forget the power of positioning yourself with your Mentor ………

I would love to hear other MWA 2.0 Students stories of hwo they are postitioning themselves and their successes …..

So don’t be shy, leave a comment about what you think 😉









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As some of my subscribers/readers know that Alex Jeffreys has been running his mentoring program

Now, one of the challenges Alex set was to get No1 Postition on Google for the search Term ‘Alex Jeffreys’, this would take some doing, I thought

However, Garry Parkes aka – Parkesy has provided undeniable proof that someone has hot the top spot:

The winner is Gary Simpson AKA THE GAZZ-MAN, I would recommend you jump over to the Gazz-Man’s blog and have a nose about as there are some great info (time planners etc) great posts and conversation going on there.

I forgot to mention, The Profit Pulling Platform Newsletter @ Parkesy Blog is due out so grab yourself a copy, I can’t wait to find out what is in it and what the The Purple Blog Queen Nikki Stephens has in store this issue @ the newbies corner….

It is funny, I was watching the Teenage Ninja turtles and there is a wise old fox/dog in a karate suit, and I thought of Gazz-Man, yes I know I have the strangest mind at time lol !!

As always feel free to comment or post your congratulations to the Gazz Man hitting No1 on Google 😉

The Castlemaine XXXX are on Gazz ! (or am I showing my age, is it Fosters now?? )

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