Product Creation – You need to keep the focus, block out distractions!


I was reviewing the work I managed to get done last night …..

To be honest, I was very miffed with myself, why? ….

It was because I was not practicing what I preach!

I maange a staff team of around 20 people, and one of the things I try to teach them, is the art of time management ….

Now, I am no expert in this field by any stretch of the imagination, but I work with what I call the ‘3D’s …..


You work out what you need to do, things you can delegate and plainly everything else Dump….

I know this is not rocket science, I also know others tell people the same …

last night after reviewing on my notebook where I was at, I found that ……

I wasted around 90 mins, well 97 mins to be exact, I got myself caught up in visiting other people’s Blogs …. that Bloomin Twitter ( which I love but got involved in an interesting conversation- See Post Below)

I then wrote the post below about the Google Contest and published it …….

Where was all this on my ‘DO LIST’?

Well I am guessing you already know, It wasn’t on the list!

This also what I love about my blog, I can ‘bare my soul’ in a manner of speaking.

The other reason, is as I have done with my 90 Day Goals, I am now making myself accountable for my ‘failings’

This may seem as if I am being a bit hard on myself, using harsh words like ‘failings’, however if I do not give myself a kick up the a** , then I will fail ….

I have made a commitment to all my readers/subscribers and others that I will have my ‘new’ product ready this month ….

The Salescopy has been outsourced as will be the Graphics, they will be ready in time ….

The question is will I be READY???

The answer is YES! YES! YES!

I just need to focus and keep to the ‘3D’s’

So if you think I am being unsociable over the coming few weeks, I can assure you I am not, I just have my goals to achieve 😉

As always, feel free to comment 😉

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  1. Garry Parkes says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I think it is okay to deviate from a plan once in a while as long as it is the exception rather than the rule.

    In the end we are all human and not soulless automatons.

    Take for example the other day for me. I spent all day trying to resolve why it would not load in IE7. Now that was not something I planned but I certainly had to do it as it suddenly jumped right to the top of my A list!

    The skill is we have to get back on track as soon as we can and also need to build into our plans contingency to account for slight digressions now and again.

    Looking forward to your product.


  2. @ Garry – Yeah, you are right with your example…

    That is unforseen, I was looking at it from the fact of offline committments etc, I may only have a 3-4 hour window, I can’t be unfocused or distracted …

    I am hopefully looking to do a prelaunch week commencing 23rd February

    Fingers crossed ha ha ha

  3. Dean Holland says:

    Hey Tommy !!

    lol … Looks like we are thinking the same way my man ( And having the same problem ! )

    So whats the product bro ?? Or is it all hush hush right now ??

    You got an affiliate program or flying solo on this one ?? How exciting man 🙂

    I got one planned myself, knowing my luck your doing the same thing lol

    Good post mate, like you know Im totally with you on that !

    Speak soon, best of luck


  4. Hi Tommy,

    I have to tell you, blog commenting is not on my to do list today … lol! Even so, it’s something I haven’t gotten around to for awhile.

    I couldn’t agree more with you about the 3Ds, but I hadn’t seen it put that way before … I like it.

    I’m trying to get an ebook finished myself and it takes most of my time. No time for Twitter or much else, and I know that’s not the way to approach it either.

    I looked back at my plan for January and there are many things I didn’t get done. I just have to roll them forward and keep on keeping on.

    Best of luck,

  5. […] Product Creation – You need to keep the focus, block out distractions! Now, I am no expert in this field by any stretch of the imagination, but I work with what I call the ‘3D’s .. […]

  6. Nikki says:

    Hey my favourite Scot’s Porridge Oats model!!

    You know how you’re talking about keeping focus, and not being distracted? Well, here I am to make you lose focus and to distract you. I’m good like that.

    It’s actually a sensible question, and I’m sure I’m probably being particularly daft – but where on earth do I find the API key to set up Akismet on my blog? I’m being hit by loads of spam at the moment, and I can’t find that API code ANYWHERE.


    Thank you!

    The Purple Minxy Witch

  7. @ Nikki – Sent you an email 😉

  8. Trisha says:

    Tommy – great article about distractions. One thing to remember – the distractions are sometimes there to inspire or teach. Yes, it’s frustrating to not be accomplishing all that is on the to-do list, but realizing everything is perfect perfect perfect helps to hold a space for all that is important.

    Looking forward to more of your writing!

  9. Tommy, I like the 3Ds approach. Simple to follow and simple to remember. I have found myself at times doing everything else but those things on my to-do list. I think in the end it is a matter of balance. You cannot totally check out of the online world if you want to maintain your credibility and following.
    .-= Michael Pedzotti´s last blog ..Every 100 visitors is worth $240 =-.

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