My Online Goals for next 90 Days in 2009


Well having gleaming some interesting information from some of the Alex Jeffrey’s students blogs and John Thornhill etc, I liked the idea of cutting your goals into sectors or small chunks ….

Given a timescale of around 90 days which when I think about it is around a quarter of the year so makes perfect sense so here it is :

In the next 90 days I hope to have:

Completed my new product and launched by mid to end February 2009

now I know that seems a long time, however some of the tasks I need to outsource and I have to wait till end of January 09 to get this part done.

Complete an article for submission to Garry Parkes Profit Pulling Platform newsletter in March 2009

Now my idea is to show step by step show how I created my new product in February 09, and help others possibly do the same.

Launch my new membership website in March 09?

This may tie in with above article to Garry Parkes Newsletter 😉

That is all I guess for now, I will also try and get a handle of article marketing as well….

Now I have a good friend of mine Dean Holland, who in the last 90 days has managed to earn around $3,500 ( fantastic result, well done bro! )

He asked for feedback about a makeover for his blog, and had a couple of options he was mulling over I was actually at work and made a quick comment, and most others concurred …..

To invest his money into other avenues of his business rather than the blog design, some others also rightly said that people will come, I just want to reinforce this by giving some examples:

John Thornhill’s Blog ( See any similiarities to his blog and mine? lol !! )
Alex’s Jeffrey’s Blog
Mike Filsaime’s Blog
Gary Simpson’s Blog
Garry Parke’s Blog

Thats is just some examples, but I am sure that you can see a common theme, they are not all singing and dancing blogs design-wise, but they are busy and no doubt earning money ….

I would suggest getting a wordpress theme that suits you and customising it with graphics if you wish, I used Planet Divinity Graphics for mine and can recommend them, i will be using them again shortly 😉

It can be difficult for everyone at times to decide how best to reinvest the capital into an online business, I would suggest to take your time, as I know it can seem it may be burning a hole in your pocket, but you need to be sure to make the right choice …..

I am thinking the best way for me in 2009, is product creation to try and create multiple income streams and hope that this will be the year I might actually make some money online …..

I have been Dean in the past, the difference being I did not have the support mechanism that Dean has, where you can think out loud on your blog and get support and advice ….

Man, I have wasted so much money on bad choices and purchases,so much so I think I had to include the Hard Drive of the computer on my Home Insurance given the amount of stuff on it and what it cost me, that I have not used ….

On a positive note that will change in ’09!

I would give this advice to Dean or anyone who is wondering how to reinvest in themselves or online business ……

Check the Marketplace see what others around you are doing, and if need be replicate it, think of the Mike’s, Alex’s, John’s, Ray’s, Garry’s etc have done and to very great success ….

I remember mentioning a few months ago, that Dean may well be the next Alex Jeffrey’s, I still believe that this still to be the case given the start to his online career ….

As Always feel free to comment 😉

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  1. Dean Holland says:

    Hey bro

    ..Who’s this Dean guy you talk about.. sounds like he was glad for your help on this matter ??!

    Ha ha ha

    Seriously brother.. Thanks for the advice, I am about to update my blog which will state I am listening to you and the many other kind readers that have made me come to my senses !!

    So you got a product on the way huh ?!

    Sweeeeet !!

    Cant wait to see that drop my friend!

    Speak soon


  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Tommy,
    My blog was inspired by your videos and I couldn’t have done it without your help. I did have another theme but it was giving me problems because it was encoded (something I learned from another sutdent of Alex’s). So, I went back to the one you suggested. Plus, it has so much already included that it seemed silly to reinvent the wheel.

    I do want to add some different graphics to the header though. I will check out the site you suggested above.

    Your plan for the first 90 days of 2009 sounds great! Today my plan is to create a plan. 🙂

    Cheers to your success!

  3. Elaine B says:

    HI Tommy

    Great info and great blog.

    One thing I have to do is make goals – I’m not quite there at the mo as other things are taking priorty i.e the dreaded tax return – mega late I know 🙁

    Anyways I use the same blog as yourself (http://resalerightsexplained.co.uk) and have some new graphics that I would like to use for the header and footer – did you replace the old graphics yourself – if so are you able to let me know how it can be done?

    Your blog is now in my favourites and I will certainly be keeping an eye our for your next post.

    Keep up the good work


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