My Online Goals for 2009 What are your online goals?


What .?????…..

I know we have not even had Christmas yet …. but believe it or not 2009 is only 6 weeks away …scary … I know …

but it got me thinking about what I could look to achieve in 2009, this last year seems to have flown by and I have for most been busy offline with my wedding and other commitments, one thing I have done now that things have calmed down and I can actually get more time to sit in front of the pc, is to reflect ….

The one thing I have been guilty of is what I would call ‘headless chicken syndrome’ (this is where if you cut the head of a chicken the body will still run about without a head?? lol )

but I am sure you get the picture, but what I mean by it is that I sit down at the pc, and before you know it, you have not got half the things done that I should have, having taken stock, this is what I intend to to do.

Before I even turn on my PC/Laptop, I will write down a checklist of everything I intend to get done and in brackets how long I expect each task to take.

Concentrate on one thing at a time, and get that finished rather than working on a few projects and slowing things down

Continue to try and help others to achieve their online ventures

Have quality time with my new wife and family, this is important as well to keep a balance

Keep the faith and focus when things don’t go to plan

Lastly, is continue to take action!, this is very important because if you do not take action, then if you can imagine being in a boat with only one oar, all that will happen is you will go round in circles and never get anywhere!

Ok, I think this post will be interesting, when I look back at the end of 2009 and see if I managed to achieve all my goals ……

I intend to revamp my membership site and also create at least 2 others.

I need to get new graphics and rewrite the sales letter of, and shortly offer my subscribers a special offer for those that wish a copy of MembershipManagerSupreme.

Launch at least two new eBooks to add to my portfolio of products.

I have a couple of other ideas to try and create more income streams, but will explain what they are later as I may use as a topic of one of my eBooks or maybe even a physical book as my last post explained.

I will add to this post, but I think that the above is a start … lol !!

What goals are you setting yourself for 2009?

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  1. Dean Holland says:

    Hey Tommy !

    You alright bro ?

    Excellent post, I see serious value to anyones business if they put down their goals for all to see.

    I see it like this, you put on a blog what you want to achieve… Now that is there for the world to see !

    So if someone tells me on my blog that they want to achieve something in the next 2 weeks, dont be surprised when Im emailing you to check its done 🙂

    Hopefully that makes sense, its all about being held accountable to what you say.. If your trying to go alone then chances are your gunna fail.

    So everyone.. Get your goals down here, then make them happen !

    Good work Tommy, speak soon brother


  2. Gary Simpson says:

    Hi Tommy,

    You have a nice professional looking site there.

    Not sure if you are in the Alex Jeffrey mentoring program. Are you? To be honest I’m losing track of who is and who isn’t. It’s getting pretty chaotic.

    Anyway, whether you are or aren’t I am putting up some of my own experience with it at my blog. Feel free to mosey on over and read or make a comment.



  3. Karl Hadwen says:

    Hey Tommy, I like your site and I also posted a future goals, Check it out here

  4. mandy says:

    great looking blog….


    i set up a free wordpress on my gatorhost account. does that mean that they can close it at any time. or is that my own blog, do i have to pay for wordpress to get it on my own?

    i have had a bog closed before by blogger and it sucked, still to this day not opened again.

    anyway great job here….


  5. @ Mandy – If you are ‘self hosting’ no-one can close your blog down as it is 100% yours 😉 You do not pay wordpress anything at all. My videos will show you how to set up WordPress on your webspace 😉

    Thanks for posting

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