Internet Marketing and Kung Fu Panda – Are you Po the Panda?


I thought I would post something a bit light hearted today, as I think I need it as it has been a stressful week …..

I have no doubts you might be thinking I have lost my marbles, or extremely rude by comparing you to a Panda lol !!!

Let me explain, I was taping a few movies on my Virgin Media + box for when I might have a minute to see them, now I taped Kung Fu Panda, (allegedly for my nephew *cough cough*)

A week or so after recording it, I thought I would watch it , easy relaxation while I did housework etc, for those who have not watched let me give you a quick run down:

Po the Panda, works in a family noodle restaurant, he wishes he could be a Kung Fu warrior like 5 super cool kung fu warriors, if I remember rightly one was a Tigeress, a Snake, a grasshopper, a crane and a monkey and a small rodent sort of master ( must of been hoovering at that point ha ha ha! )

Now, the story continues that it is time to pick the Dragon Warrior, who will bring peace to the valley, after a bit of tooing and frowing Po the Panda locked out of ceremony chairs with fireworks etc, The wise old Tortoise – chooses Po as the Dragon Warrior as deemed by the Dragon Sacred Scroll , master trains Po reluctantly at first but no matter who many setbacks Po does not quit as his belief is so strong, a bit of saving the Village, Po gets the Dragon Scroll and understands the message ….. beat the bad guy and saves the village …. Woo Hoo !!

So what does has this have to do with Internet Marketing?

Well, I have no doubts like myself you may have had dreams and aspirations to be a successful within the Internet Marketing cirlces – This is Po?

If like myself you have wished you could be as successful as others online, for me would be Alex, John, Ray, Deano, Lee etc …. These are the super cool dudes

You get yourself a mentor/master to teach you the secrets of Internet Marketing, for me the above cool dudes

Now even with all that the mentors teach you, there are many times you fail, or hit hurdles you need to overcome, for me I perserve till I get there

Now as with the Dragon Sacred Scroll, you could compare that to when you are starting out in the Internet Marketing field, like I did you may think there must be some sort of mega secret that only the chosen few successful marketers know ……

Bet you are excited now, as I am getting to the part of revealing the contents of the Dragon Sacred Scroll ………

Well here it is, when Po opened up the Sacred Scroll to learn all it’s wisdom, all he saw was the reflection of himself staring back ….. the penny dropped ….

Anyone could be the Dragon Warrior , you just had to believe in yourself ……..

I must of been a sight to see sitting there watching it, having a laugh out loud chuckle to myself as I thought how true this is in Internet Marketing ……

So there you have it ……

No matter what your Mentor teaches you, implement, take action and most importantly ………

Believe in yourself!! only you can make it happen, and it will if you believe in yourself ……. and that you will be the next Internet Marketing Success Story

So are you Po the Panda?

Let me know your thoughts and comments as always 😉

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  1. Hi Tommy,

    Fellow AJ student (oh and Dean’s) and scotsman here. And now you’ve gone and ruined kung fu panda for me. Should have been a spoiler alert there. lol.

    But you’re right in what you say. Its too easy to start doubting yourself, worrying what others are doing that you aren’t and then you forget to do the important parts of this business.

    Hope to see you over at my blog, its a bit pants at the mo but that’s coz I haven’t watched your videos yet.


    Andy Michaels

  2. David Walker says:

    Hi Tommy,

    This is a great analogy and has the potential to be a viral blog post – get it submitted to the bookmarking sites and see what happens!

    You are right, the only person that can change out lives for the better is ourselves and the big secret to making it online is… there is no secret. It’s all down to hard work and networking like there’s no tomorrow!


  3. Lisa says:

    Very cool Tommy! Loved that movie and I think a lot of folks are PO. Looking for something they already have! Got me a coach, too, one of those ‘cool dudes’!!

    You ROCK!!Thank you for all your wonderful info!!


  4. Hey Tommy,

    First time on your blog but I like what you are doing! I found you through Dean Holland’s blog. Great analogy too with the kung Fu and ponda. I haven’t watch that movie but from your post I do understand.

    I commend you on your work and wish you all the best. I also invite you to take a look over at my blog at http://caseygentles.com

    Have a great eve


  5. Anatoly says:

    Hey,Tommy,I donot have words to express my appreciation for your kind help.I am a student of Alex as well and you awesome video was so much helpful for every guy in our Team.
    Your Packege of 50 Templates is out of comments!
    Thank you so much!
    Best wishes!

  6. Huddson Lee says:

    Hey Tommy,

    I agree with what you say here. Sure we need to learn from the right people who can show us the way without being scammed(like Alex and Dean I’m currently with). Having said that the rest is pretty much just….ME!! It’s like the old saying “you are your biggest enemy” because we often sabotage ourselves or mingling with negative people to make sure we won’t succeed.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Huddson

  7. Gene says:

    Good thoughts, Huddson. I identified a lot with Po. Unfortunately I am about as big as him, so comparing me with a Panda is not far off. I hope my outcome is as good as his.


  8. Gene says:

    Thanks for you thoughts Tommy as well. And thanks for all the blogging help offered in the forum.


  9. Graeme Ashe says:

    Hi Tommy

    Yet another Scotsman & Alex Jeffreys student here.
    Love the post. If you don’t believe in yourself then who’s gonnae believe in you!!

    Also wanted to say thanks to the great job you did with the blogging videos we got for free on AJ’s coaching. Learned some good stuff in them.

    Hopefully I will be Po the Panda, lol

    Take Care


  10. Yayayayayayayayayayayayayay!
    You’ve helped me so much =D=D=D=D!
    and other people =D!

    .-= Lizzie Dickinson´s last blog ..Don’t give up! =-.

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