I get Knocked Down BUT I get up again – The Copywriter Saga


Well how are we all doing?

I know it has been a while since I posted on my Blog, but I have had some offline things happening in the last month, thankfully things are looking up …….

As most of my readers will know I have created a BlogSetupTutorials.com

Very excited about it, I have worked hard at creating it and also ensuring it is as comprehensive as possible, ….

Over 90 Pages of content….of Step by Step Tutorials to getting your WordPress Blog setup

The Graphics are done and looking good, again a big thank you to Steve @ Planet Divinity Graphics , time and time again, this guy goes the extra mile for you 😉

Unfortunately, this is where the wheels fell off the wagon so to speak …..

Now I have learned a lot over the last while, and I am trying to put this knowledge into practice….

The simple thing would have been to complete the BlogSetupTutorials.com book, get a graphic, slap an Aweber Box and away I go ……..

Maybe, I should have but something inside me wanted to do more, give more so to speak, and what I hoped would be a ‘viral’ effect.

So I decided to get a Sales Copy drafted for the product ……

Now I will not name the Copywriter, however he provided testimonials and samples of writing for some of the BIG HITTERS in the Internet Marketing World.

I gave it a whirl, a few hundred dollars later, I still had no copy almost 6 weeks later……

I suprised myself, because in the ‘Real’ world you would not have accepted this ….. but each reply was almost there etc etc excuse excuse …..

I reply ok, hurry up as I am being made to look like a dumpling here with the launch date getting pushed back a day, a week, a month ……..

It was only after speaking to my Motivational Goo-Roo Gary Simpson that I came to my senses.

Put simply, he told me to bin him!

So I did ???

I think I was in a ‘bubble’ where as Gary was on outside and it was plain that I would only be further delayed.

So Gazz-Man, thank you 😉

Here is where I look at all the negativity and delays and turn it into a positive

Getting ripped off by the Copywriter, could turn into a blessing in disguise, granted short term I am out of pocket (In process of trying to recover monies paid), long term it could be the making of me !!!!

How can that be?

Well, the delays, gave me time to evaluate and reflect on what I was doing, if I am honest with myself I was trying to rush things a bit …. and had I launched then I have a feeling that I would have looked back thought, if only I did this or that …..

The delays have also meant I now have the Butterfly Marketing 2.0 Software

This as I mentioned before, will be a very important piece of my jigsaw in 2009 ….. and will now be used for BlogSetupTutorials.com

This means that the 90 Page eBook will be FREE OF CHARGE!

The delays have allowed me to regroup and rethink how to package my new product, I won’t say too much more on this but you can see for yourself when I do get to launch ….

What I would also say is that if you are reading this, please don’t be put off creating a product, the way I see it is the same happens in the ‘real’ world ….

Dodgy Builders, Plumbers, window fitters etc ……

I will keep you updated, hopefully get my money back, and meantime if anyone knows a good trustworthy copywriter that can help turn this experience into a positive, let me know 😉

One last thing,Nikki -Purple Minxy Witch , don’t worry this will be the last time I use a song in my title, but it seemed quite apt given I was getting the pi55 ripped oot me !!

This experience will only make me stronger and better 😉

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  1. Andrew Stark says:

    Hi Tommy

    As per my twitter post I recommend Cherilyn Lester, she did the copy for http://www.listbanditexpert.com & http://www.7dollarexpert.com

    Once you get your free offer and the OTO’s ready to go give me a shout if you need any help setting up the BFM script, I should be able to remember how to set everything up.


  2. Gary Simpson says:

    Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for the “plug” – totally unnecessary but thanks anyway. Sometimes we are so “close” to the action that we can’t see what an outsider can in about 5 seconds flat.

    Don’t feel bad – it happens to me too from time to time. That is why it is always good to ask for a few independent, unbiased opinions.

    Put simply, if people cannot value your faith in them then they have nothing to offer you.



  3. Hiya Tommy,

    See I told You I’d come over!

    Looks like your doing great, some really interesting posts you’ve got here. I’m sure they will be very usefull to everyone!

    Well, That’s all for now.

    The Lizzard

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