Do you want a place on my Marketing Startup MasterClass Mentoring Course for FREE?


Hey Hey,

How are you doing today?

First things first, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and advice as I have injured my back and having a bit of a struggle with the pain and lack of movement (although given some of the inspirtional emails I received about other peoples stories, I was truly humbled and dont really have anything to moan about 😉 )

I am as you will know be launching my Marketing Startup Masterclass next month, but as always want to provide my subscribers value, so watch the video below and I will explain 🙂

So there you have it, there are 5 FREE Places on my upcoming Marketing Startup Masterclass 🙂

The Mentoring Course will cover the following topics and more:

My ‘FFF’ Formula
Traffic Generation
Product Creation
Video Marketing & Video Creation
Affiliate Marketing

I will provide a more detailed structure very soon, I will also be creating a free report for you and creating video tutorials showing you behind the scenes of ‘Tommy Towers’ ……….

So you can see that I ‘walk the walk as well as talking the talk’ ………. I hope to by year end to have 20,000 subscribers and continue to provide value …….

As I mentioned in the video, I want to help you and 5 lucky subscribers will get a free place, let me know why you want it and how I can help you 😉

Good Luck

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  1. Marty Polston says:

    I know how you feel I’ve had 3 back surgerys and now can’t work trying to get disability to help pay the bills. So I’m in desperate need of learning how all this works I’ve been trying for about 2 years now. So I would love to be in your class beings that I have to do this or starve. lol, I would be very grateful if you excepted me. Thank You,
    Marty Polston

  2. Gary says:

    Yes please Tommy.
    I would like to get a spot on your Mentoring program.
    I have been trying for a few years now to get this internet marketing thing working right,joining this program,that program, do this do that,take this course,take that course,but so far nobody has really taught me what to do. Lets hope this time somebody is really going to show us step by step ,look over my shouder as I do it type course the right way to master Internet Marketing.

  3. shane says:

    Hi Tommy,
    i have been looking at internet marketing for a long time now and slowly trying to teach myself the ropes , i think i have the basics pretty well in my head but when it comes down to the crunch im still a newbie and have recently become a stay at home father and now the stakes are high and i need to start getting serious. i recently made a cooking blog on blogger and put up a opt in box and have a free cookbook to giveaway but thats as far as i have worked out so far, so you can see i desperately need help 🙂 i could also really use help with seo , traffic and product creation, i also wanted to get a website or wordpress blog and do the affiliate marketing thing. another thing i have plenty of ebooks and software with mrr or plr etc that i could use at giveaway events and so on to help build a list but first i need a website or blog and an opt in download / thankyou pages etc but i dont really know how to go about all this , so as you can see i think i would be a good student for you hahaha if your up for it ? or if your backs up to it ? ohhh another huge hurdle for me is choosing a niche . regards shane
    .-= shane´s last blog ..FREE SUMMER PARTY COOKBOOK. =-.

  4. Sheila says:


    Thank you for the kind offer 🙂

    I have emailed you in the past and thanks again for all your help.

    I guess there will be lots of interest in this, but hope that I might be lucky enough to secure a place on your course. I struggle to get going and find that things that should be simple are not 🙁 or maybe that is just me ha

    I need someone to show me step by step what to do ….. it looks like your course is what I am looking for ….. I have found that some courses just give you information and then get on with it ….. I then get tied in knots ….

    I loved your blog ebook and it helped me ….. but where next do I go?

    I want to have success and work hard so fingers crossed I might get a place …

    I would love if you held a confrence call – webin thingy you mentioned ….. see I told you I am not a techy !

    Thanks for your help so far and I know you will help lots of people

    Sheila x

  5. Tommy,

    I think, in a nutshell, why I need coaching is for the accountability factor! Everyone I’ve ever spoken to who has benefited from coaching has remarked about that being the strongest bit that they’d gained.

    I’ve taken several courses since October, have a site and a couple squeeze pages (with Aweber), Chris Farrell and Kim Roach have been invaluable aids as I am on their membership sites. But it would really help to have that accountability factor!

    I am not at a point where I have made adequate income to afford coaching (though I made my first $1.37 last week from my ChrisFarrellMembership affiliate site at !) I should be promoting that more. I should be creating lots more niche sites. I should be creating more content for my blog. I should be wealthy! 😉

    So, I should greatly enjoy having your coaching be the move that pushes me over that edge into productivity. Thanks for the offer! No matter who gets this, they will benefit greatly, of that I’m certain.

    All the best,

    Terry Britton

  6. Bob Marconi says:

    Thanks for the video and hope you are doing better.

    Every one tells you it’s ‘easy’ to be a success on the Internet but I have not seen that myself. So I would like to see how a mentor can help me be a success so I can help others.

    Part of this lack has been my fault with a lack of focus and some fear, I would guess.

    I need to do something.
    .-= Bob Marconi´s last blog ..Massachusetts Vote =-.

  7. Denny Png says:

    Goodmorning Tommy ,

    Seek a prayer for healing yr injured back & wish you would have consulted a good physician to to get a proper treatment for a speedy recovery. Take care !

    I am interested to apply for a position to join in the Free Marketing Startup Masterclass. I wish to learn & would like to earn money some money to support my struggling income.

    I have tried to learn & have built a portfolio on 2 x websites & looking forward seriously to pick up a coaching from the mentor like you to progress from here.

    Seek I have a chance to join in yr great mentoring prog & to be successful.I simply can’t afford to join other available good mentoring prog to make good progress.


    Yours Sincerely,
    Denny Png

  8. Hi Tommy

    I am very interested in your offer. I have been doing a lot of research about internet marketing and am sure I am experiencing information overload. As you can see from the list of websites i have been working at making my online business work. But I have had only 2 sales and very little traffic over the last 2 years.

    Recently I found a video about using a coach to jump start our business. I do have a little money to invest but not the amounts most of the programs I have seen. With the economy on the down slope, both my wife and I have lost a lot of our retirement funds. With both of us reaching 60, it is important that I get our business up to replace our incomes.

    computer consultant programmer in VB.NET, Access, SQL, Excel, and VBA.
    2 college degrees, BSElectrical Engineer and BSMedical Techology,
    Worked history — several years in the medical field, computer robotic control, and database programming.

    I would love to be part of you coaching class if chosen to part of your group. Thanks for your offer and consideration.

    Cecil Ray

  9. yolanda says:

    Tommy, wishing you well on your road to healing. I appreciate all that you do to help out an aspiring internet marketer. I have struggled with online marketing for the past 2 long faithful years, I have learned alot and my computer is on information overload. I somehow found about you in Jan 2010 and I liked your style, followed your blog tutorial to build my own auto blog and I still screwed it up some how – but I need this mentoring because I know someday soon, I will get it right because I won’t give up or give out.

  10. Lisa says:

    Hey Tommy!!!
    Hope you get to feeling better!! Did you mess up your back working out at the Gym?? You are lookin pretty buff over there!! =)

    Tommy, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help over the past few months and I have snagged your blueprint guide and am using it to build my list and yours!!! =)
    When you choose your folks for your freebie, send them my way so I can say ‘Hey’ and let them know what an awesome person you are!!

    You know I am in Johns Masterclass and honestly…..lovin every minute of it!!
    I really hope your class fills up fast and the folks do what you say! A list of 5000+ is pretty awesome!! I would sign up, but John said no! Gotta listen to him, he’s RICH!!

    I hear you have presents for me!! Send them on!! A gal loves to get presents!

    Let me know if you need any help on anything!

    Take care, good luck and have an awesome day!!

    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Watch Out For WORD!! =-.

  11. Sue McDonald says:

    Hi Tommy

    Watched your video and sympathize with you about your back….ouch! Hi

    As you see my name is Sue McDonald and I live in Australia. I am at present doing the Newbie course with Mark Terrell who originally did the course with Alex a few years ago.

    It’s interesting learning and like everyone that starts these types of courses we all want to make money and have more time to ourselves. I hope you are making a great living and if you have time over the next few weeks and you could take a look at my blog and leave a comment, I would certainly appreciate.

    Kindest regards

    .-= Sue McDonald´s last blog ..The Newbie Learning More =-.

  12. Hey Tommy,

    I wish you luck and rapid healing with your back problem….you poor thing!

    I wish I could join in with your Masterclass but I’m also on Mark Terrell’s coaching newbies course and realistically I would probably end up with the problem of information overload if I signed up to your course too!

    I’ll definitely pop back to your blog again and see if the offer rears it’s head again when I’m in a position to take advantage.

    Please check out my blog and see what you think when you have a few spare minutes.

    Take care,

    .-= Julie Priddle´s last blog ..Are you a bystander in your life? =-.

  13. Charlotte says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I hope it’s not too late to be eligible for this great offer.

    I was in a high-speed car crash a few years ago, and suffered numerous injuries, (of which I won’t go into), and as a result, can only spend a short amount of time in front of the computer at any given time.

    It would be great to be able to know, from someone experienced, what I should be focusing on during those times. Also, because I can no longer work, I don’t have the money necessary to pay for a class such as yours.

    Thanks for the great opportunity,


    p.s.- I love your WordPress e-books

  14. Mick Fallon says:

    Hi Tommy as an ex rugby player I have had a bad back for years
    ,but when my cousin who was a professional rugby player who is now a full time health coach suggested I work on my
    stomach muscles they have a major impact on how your back muscles perform my back problems have improved so its just worth a mention.
    I have been on line a year and I am getting into online videos
    as I have not had much success with my article writing
    one thing I would love to learn more about would be product creation
    I followed your wordpress tutorial videos and would like to do something similar
    so would love to be part of your mentoring program , However just to be upfront I joined Aex Jeffreys coaching school and that’s were I came across you ,so I have already had some good mentoring, I am just struggling with product creation & list building oh and traffic.
    So if there are limed places It would be best to choose someone else who has never had the chance of being mentored and I will
    catch up with you in the forum
    cheers Mick
    .-= Mick Fallon´s last blog ..Video Marketing with “Youtube” Is it the way to go? =-.

  15. Terese says:

    Hi Tommy,
    I would really like to qualify for a spot in your upcoming masterclass !
    List Building is where I’m at at the moment, I use Aweber (awesome!) and it’s beginning to slowly but surely grow.
    I set up a newsletter and a free network membership site totally geared toward the “newbie”. My goal is to learn more and the more I learn,I in turn will show others what to do and how to do it.
    I’m not much with the techy stuff, that’s why I need more knowledge so I can grow then my business which is “helping others succeed”.

    Thanks for all the info,inspiration and freebies you send us !

  16. Nikki says:

    Hello my favourite Scot’s Model! Long time no speak, and look what happens when I miss out on what you’re getting up to!

    Now, I have to ask – do fishnets and top hats feature anywhere in your Marketing Startup Masterclass?

    Couldn’t resist, sorry!

    Hope your back is a lot better now, catch up with you soon.

    Nikki / PMW
    .-= Nikki´s last blog ..How much is too much? =-.

  17. Alright Tommy

    Hows your back mate? long time no speak hope you are okay.

    What a very generous thing to do to offer 5 free places mate great stuff, knowing you it should be an awesome course.

    I myself although not classed as a newbie now, has had trouble with product creation so I am glad to see that in your masterclass.

    I wish all the best of luck to your winners and whoever is successful, if they follow the proven plan you got laid out for them and continue to take action they will see results.

    speak soon Tommy

    Get that back of yours all fixed up


    .-= marcus passey´s last blog ..Newbies Journal is ready Finally I have my first book on my story online so far! =-.

  18. Sue McDonald says:

    Hi Tommy

    How is your back going? Getting better I hope. Nothing worse than constant pain. My husband has a lot of health problems and I feel helpless – there is nothing I can do. So all the people around you would be experiencing the same thing I do.

    Is this competition still open? I would love a place on your course. It really sounds like I could benefit from it.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Take care

    Kindest regards

    .-= Sue McDonald´s last blog ..Who’s Out There? =-.

  19. Naomi says:

    Hi Tommy,
    Hope you are getting stronger and in less pain!

    I enjoyed your book and the honest assessments of your unsuccesses as well as the results of your ‘aha’. I have been trying to crack the internet business since the internet put me out of business a few years ago. I am a professional photographer and had a minilab that the digital age put out of business! So I decided that I would rebuild my career using the internet …….. still trying! I would love to be a part of your core group in the mastermind course – perhaps having structured guidance will finally turn the scales in my direction. Certainly my unsuccesses have not been for lack of trying, ….. again and again and again.

    I look forward to hearing from you and will watch out for your webinar
    Thank you for your consideration
    .-= Naomi´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  20. Dean Holland says:


    Now .. I didn’t know you we’re going to give me a kind mention in the book there my man but I am 100000% glad you did!

    Why you ask…?

    Well to you Tommy and anyone reading this…

    Tommy you did help me SO MUCH, when I was getting started and had no one to turn to for help…

    …In fact when I was in a blind state of panic YOU WE’RE THERE!

    Sounds a little funny saying that but seriously, my first ever ebook would not have been released as planned without you


    I could never thank you enough for all your help Tommy, that was just one of the things you have done for me ( YES there are many more! )

    The only thing I can do… AND WILL DO with full passion is the suggest to ANYONE and EVERYONE that is not succeeding online…

    To anyone that knows they need help… ( That’s YOU if you’re not succeeding )

    And to anyone that knows they need a mentor to be there for them and show them exactly how to succeed ( Again that’s YOU if you’re not succeeding )

    … That they be ready and waiting to be a part of your Masterclass!

    You have helped me… You have helped so many others

    I FULLY stand by you to continue helping even more people should they get the opportunity to work with you

    Fantastic report my man, really shows what an honest and genuione person you really are. In fact just shows how.

    I’m sure everyone readint his can relate to the *unsuccesses* as you talk about… ( I know I can! )

    All the best Tommy,

    Thanks again for everything!

    .-= Dean Holland´s last blog ..This Problem STOPPED My Success =-.

  21. Steve Murray says:

    Hello Tommy,

    Sorry to hear about your back pain and I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    What an incredible opportunity you are offering 5 lucky individuals, I certainly would love to be one of the fortunate few who is chosen to work with you.

    Why Me? I am determined to turn the impossible dream into a possibility. I share the frustrations of unsuccesses with all the people who are wanting to work with you. I know that it can be done, you are proof of that, I just need the direction and mentor to follow.

    Giving up would be the easy thing to do, but then I would live the rest of my life left wondering, what if? I know anything worthwhile takes hard work and determination and I am willing to put in the necessary effort and do it to the best of my ability. I believe I have the proper mindset, but I am lacking in practical techniques and knowlege.

    A favorite saying from a mail order giant that I have adopted for myself is, “You are not only what you are today, but what you choose to become tomorrow.”

    I would like to thank all who have shared their unsuccesses and frustrations and wish you all the very best in working with Tommy.

    Kind Regards,


  22. Allen Bell says:

    Tommy, Hi my name is Allen Bell. I am, at present, 62 years young. I have build over 100 websites. About 20 blogs. And am getting about $27.50 a month from Linkworth ads. As you see I don’t quite. I have spent a few thousand dollars on this course or that one. NONE are worth a crap! I need to learn a system that will put me on the map! There are so many people I would love to help too. If you would do me the honor of picking me I WILL do as instructed! And, as I learn I will be able to help my family and others too.
    Thankx for reading this.
    To OUR Success

  23. Hey Hey Tommy…

    I do empathise with you over your back broblem coz I’ve a recurring back problem for years now but it’s not a serious one…maybe it’s just old age..:-)

    And no…I’m not putting myself up as a contender for your course as I’m lucky enough to be working with Dean right now…there’s just a small group of us…and I also worked with Alex on his 2.0 course…It’s true what he says about letting the Money chase you…

    But anyway having past experience of your help and knowing the amount of help you’ve given others…I just know that anyone getting onto your Master Class will have somebody who will teach them well….

    Good luck to the 5 you choose…good luck to the rest of the class and finally “Good Luck” to you.

    I wish you and your’s well…

    Malcolm T.
    .-= Malcolm T Mckinnell´s last blog ..!New Beginnings…!! Aweber” =-.

  24. LauraB says:

    Hi Tommy,

    First I’d like to say sorry to hear about your back, and from past experiences, it doesn’t take much to even pull a muscle, which I had done, and talk about being put out of commission! Ouch. Hope you are back to 100% soon. (pardon the pun) 😉

    Well, as you can see I don’t even have a website and my blog isn’t even hosted yet. 🙁

    I have been online for over 2 years trying to learn the ropes of a successful Internet Marketer.

    I don’t have much money in my budget, but have still wasted enough on many “shiny things” and just can’t seem to stay focused on one thing at a time.

    I’ve got a couple of packages that I’ve purchased and haven’t even started them because I don’t totally understand a lot of the instructions, so it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. I do know now that most of the stuff I have saved can’t do me any good unless I know what to do with them.

    I decided to clear the slate and start from scratch, BUT this time I want to do it the RIGHT way!

    I should at least have an opt-in page up to help build a list because I have so many ebooks, and pdf’s that I could pass along, but don’t understand how to put it all together. I also find that a lot of the instructions are not clear enough and the wording that a lot use is still not clear for a total Newbie techie.

    Tommy, I would Love to be one of the LUCKY 5* for your upcoming Marketing Course.

    I just finished reading your “Impossible Dream” ebook and that is where I found the link to this blog.

    I can’t wait until I have the Light Bulb moment and know that the day Will Come, I just hope that it won’t take another 2 years to get there.

    There is so much more I could get into, and hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to meet you and fill you in, but in the meantime I do really hope that when I check to see the winners my name will be there.

    I really liked how you talked straight up and to the point, but I also know there is a lot to learn between Your ‘unsuccesses’ to Your ‘successes’ and would love to learn from one person from the beginning to the end.

    Well, Cheers to the Lucky 5 because who ever wins those spots are going to be smiling wide.

    Either way, I Will be a follower starting NOW. 🙂

    thanks again
    .-= LauraB´s last blog ..FREE AUTORESPONDER =-.

  25. Hi Tommy

    My Dad had back issues; I’ve been fortunate not to, thus far. I hope yours resolve. You’re a fighter, that’s for sure.
    And I’ve experienced your help in the Marketing with Alex forum, when I was just getting my Blog started, so I know your students are going to be very fortunate. There’s no one more empathetic than one who has had the ‘unsuccesses’ and lived to win.
    I wish you a wonderful time with your students, and look forward to reading about them.


  26. Darcy Rona says:

    Hi Tommy,

    My name is Darcy Rona. I’ve been looking to be successful online for about a year and a half now and I’ve already had my fair share of ‘unsuccesses’. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need real mentoring/coaching because I believe it’s the only real way I’m going to be able to learn how to become a successful internet marketer. My situation is somewhat dire. I already got into a considerable amount of debt by investing in online money-making programs and as a result, I don’t really know who to turn to as the right investment. I appealed very adamantly to get into Alex Jeffrey’s Marketing With Alex 3.0 program before I found out about you, but wasn’t so lucky.

    I have a lot of other dreams of mine that I want to be realized and I really strongly believe that if I could become a success with internet marketing, a lot of those other dreams I want to happen will come true.

    It would be a real privilege and honour to be able to work with someone like yourself and to finally be a success as an internet marketer. As you can see, this is something I have a burning desire for and if I can’t get your coaching, I don’t think I will know where to turn. I can’t imagine there are too many teachers out there offering free coaching ; )

    Anyways, please consider me Tommy for one of your five free coaching spots, as I would love nothing more than to be a testimonial success under your tutelage.

    Thanks for your time Tommy!

    Best Always,

    Darcy Rona

  27. Tony Denson says:

    Ok First Tommy Let’s meet your need. If you are still having the shooting pains down your legs as in the end of your video, then please see about getting a back brace to give you support. I make back braces professionally as an orthotist. I am not a doctor so I cannot diagnose; but get some advice on using a back brace to help you heal faster. The doc has told you to rest but you will not do that. I can see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice.

    I have been building my web presence over the last year and I can feel things about to blow wide open. My niche is toward helping people get a handle on their own very unique worth and giving them power to give to the community around them.

    Because of how things are coming together this is the exact time that I need a mentor to keep me focused on the most important things to manage. As in many schools od experience:when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. I trust what you say about offering our own info product and bringing it to the web. I do believe in the mentor program and know that you will be lead to choose students who will carry the standard even farther.

    You became successful and the money started to chase you because you “paid it forward” As one prospective scholarship student I know the incredible value and awesome leadership of paying it forward and I am fully prepared to carry this on in the niches that inspire me.

    Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to seeing everyone grow in the masterclass. mentoring course..
    .-= Tony Denson´s last blog ..Are your Limiting Beliefs of Money Limiting your Net Worth? =-.

  28. Hi Tommy,
    First of all let me say how I understand the pain your going through. I have been suffering with back pain for a couple of years now. Prolasped disc is the problem.
    I do make a living off the Internet, so I can’t be considered a newbie, but in this online world that is ever changing you must never stop learning.
    Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping people, but I often need help myself as well.
    I have written a very informative report about how to make money off Facebook. The report I’m happy with, but the sqeeze page I’m not so confident with. If you get a chance I would love someone to check it out and give me a bit of advice.
    The page in question, is on my signature and you can contact me via my main blog
    Thanks in advance

    .-= Andy Beveridge´s last blog .. =-.

  29. Hi Tommy

    Sorry to hear about your back problem I my self do not have a problem but I do care for my wife who does, about myself I have been tring to make a living online for a few years now but without success but there is always somthing that puts a barrier up I have been on a coaching class with Mr Thornhill but unfortunately I lost my grand daughter to a desease of the brain called polg one and also alpers she was only 18 years of age, also due to the fact that I was caring for my wife and unable to work I lost my home as well at this point I had to make a decision about the masterclass I was on the decision I made was to concentrate on securing accommodation for myself and my wife and also deal with loss of my grand daughter.
    After I settled my wife and myself into rented accommodation I immediately sought a mentor to try and revive my need to make an online income I first set up with an American Lady but that fizzeled out due her commitments on other programs, then I received an email from John Thornhill promoting a close friends product the of this person I will not disclose here but should you need confimation just email me and I will send it to you that goes for the American lady also I would love to become a student of your masterclass free or paid because I beleive you will take me to the stage I should now be not just stumbling about in the dark.
    I hope you do not see this reuest as a begging reply but more of a plea for much needed help.

    Thank you for your time and I hope the pain in your back eases soon.

    Kind Regards

    David McDonald
    .-= David McDonald´s last blog ..What is best You Choose =-.

  30. Dave says:

    Hi Tommy,
    When I got the email from John I thought I knew your name, I too was on the first Alex Jeffreys programme. The book by the way is excellent, enjoyed your writing style, you come across as very genuine and honest, I got my daughter Michelle involved in Alex’s course, and she loved it. At 62 I still want to be successful online, but mainly I want to build a business for my daughter and two grandkids so they can be financially secure.

    I have had my share of unsuccesses, I like that word, much better for the mindset than failure, I suppose over the years I have become a business opportunity junkie, always buying the latest thing.
    What they all needed was time and effort and usually money, when I had the time I didn’t have the money and when I had the money I didn’t have the time.

    My problem now is information overload, the way I think is, if I could only learn how to do that, whatever that may be, or if I knew how to use this software I would have everything I need to be successful, that is until the next problem comes along and I find I have to learn something else.

    The mistake I made with Alex’s course was not keeping up each week, I would make notes, and then it would be time for the next module and I hadn’t actually done anything, and so it went on,
    My advice, for what it’s worth, is to encourage your students to take action each week, one step at a time and not to get bogged down with trying to learn everything, nobody knows everything, learn one thing and then put that into action, implement what you’ve learnt and then learn how to do the next thing, if you try and learn the whole process before doing anything it will never work, there will be too much to take in.
    Sorry for this long comment, I wish you the best of luck with your coaching programme, and I hope your back gets better soon, nothing worse than back pain for making you feel really down.

    All the best
    Take care
    Dave Wilkes

  31. Lisa says:

    Hi Tommy!!

    Saw all the comments and had to stop back by! I pray your class goes well and am very excited to be a part!
    You have helped me TREMENDOUSLY over the past few months!

    Thank you so much and I hope you are better!

    Gonna get the email out tonite about your awesome new book!!

    Lisa~ =)
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Finding a Passionate Niche =-.

  32. Bobby Makin says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I am guessing I am too late, but I read your Impossible Dream report and I thought it was me I was reading about 🙁

    I need help, but I dont want too look as if I am pleading but I have a need to succeed …

    If I am too late then I guess that is that …

    I am determined and committed to getting there….. and hope you can help me

    Yours in hope !


  33. Hi Tommy,

    Good to hear a Scottish voice in Internet Marketing. First time I’ve heard it, good on you pal.

    I only came across your blog yesterday,20th April. I must say, am impressed. I have been trying for 10 years now to be a success, still trying. I seem to get so far, then I come to a stand still. A lot to do with autoresponders, I just can’t get to grips.

    Good luck with your masterclass and I hope your students become a success. If I am one, great, if not one will just plod on.

    As for your back, I know how painful a sore back can be. I have had sciatica for years. Thankfully I’ve gone a number of months without any grief. However, I think that you have a worse problem than me.

    I have now bookmarked your blog and will be going to visit as often as I can. Please have a look at my bolg, first one. I have a personal and marketing feel to it. I was getting used to writing posts etc and I wasn’t going to delete anything. I need to add more pages/post etc.

    Take Care

    .-= Donald MacLeod´s last blog ..Me Again!! =-.

  34. James Bowden says:

    Dear Tommy,

    Because my JOB keeps me out of town so much I started following the Impossible Dream about 5 years ago. I have spent about $50,000.00 on CD’s, DVD’s, internet courses, ebooks, seminars, coaching sessions and what have you. As I mentioned my job keeps me away from my family about 10 1/2 months out of the year. I get back to my home in Mobile, Alabama off & on for about 6 weeks out of the year. I have been doing this for the last 17 years and now I want to spend time with my wife of 39 years and our children, grandchildren and family members. I am missing all of my grandchildren’s school & sport activities. As I mentioned I followed that Impossible Dream until I came across John Thornhill. I am enrolled in John’s Masterclass Program and am on my 5th week and loving every minute of the trai ning. I have set up a blog and done other things that the money I spent in the past never got me to this point. It was always another book or CD or DVD or Coaching Session that you needed. I would love to get into your program because of what you have accomplished and most importantly John Thornhill has recommened you. I feel that I would be a good student becasue now I have a Dream and not an Impossible dream and I am going to make that Dream come true for me and my family. I hope you will consider me for your program.

    Lots of success for your and your family’s future.

    As Always

    James (My Blog)

  35. Lucy O'Neill says:

    Hello Tommy,

    Thank you for sharing ‘The Impossible Dream’, it was a very real book.

    I have tried tried and tried again,but I am chasing my tail, I need to get help to try and get a blog started and as with listbuilding I have no idea.

    I know there are a lot of worthy people who are looking to get a place ….

    I hope you can allow me the opportunity to blossom under your guidance…

    Thank you no matter what you decide


  36. Tony says:

    Hi Tommy,
    I first began looking in to internet marketing as a result of a Back Problem (Disc didnt like where it was sposed to be any more!)oh my god no fun at all and they never get better!!
    That put me incapacitated for 2 months so in that time i thought what the hell am i going to do now?? 5 kids at school and insurance only paying me half of what i made before the injury! and billsgetting out of controll!
    sorry if that sounds like a sales letter!!!!
    Anyway i found a few get ritch quick scams!! not knowing any thing at all about what i was doing and about to do as with every one else they ripped the newbie off big time!!
    I now have maxed out credit cards and after finaly being 75% rehabilitated! working again to pay for my major mistakes of trusting “THE GURUS” Iwould love to get my money back to start with and i dont expect any miracle turn around but some return would be great! for a change.
    NETMarketing what a learning curve!
    I did learn a bit, but most of it was not what i needed to learn !! as a newbie (ps. i hate that phrase)
    You seem to to be the most genuine bloke out there!Ii strongly feel that I can trust you to deliver what i am looking for! That is HELP and the right Directions and advice NOT some plug in and make a million website in 1 hour! we all know thats BS and if any new to internet marketers are reading my post! Dont fall for that one Believe me THEY DONT WORK nothing comes easy you still got to work for you money! its just that this buisiness is more user friendly and convenient!!
    any way i would realy like to be one of your chose few but thats your call and i am just putting in my 2 cents worth !

    all the best
    Tony 🙂

    Blog under construction! — I am all yours for the training —–Bring it on!please!

  37. Simon says:

    Hi Tommy – Greetings from sunny Manchester 🙂

    Firstly, here’s hoping your back problems resolve soon – My wife suffers from back problems and the pain can be unbearable sometimes!

    I would LOVE a place on your Masterclass! I am just starting out in IM but have have a background that makes it a natural choice for me. I have spent years working in the web design and coding industry and, as such, have ALL of the necessary technical skills. I am a PHP coder, web designer, graphic artist, server admin, technical author and much much more! I have worn so many hats that I am suriprised my head hasn’t flattened slightly. I guess that the stumbling block for a lot of people is the “technical” side of things – Not so for me and I am more than happy to share that knowledge and help others out with any tech issues they may have (it’s always nice to give something back).

    Where I am stuck, however, is in putting everything together and actually making that initial move forward and creating a product and marketing it! I have read most of what the amazing John Thornhill has to say along with many “gurus” but feel I need some mentoring to actually make this work and “get going”! I know what to do, I have all the equipment, software and tech knowledge to do it, I have plenty of great server space, I have ideas buzzing around in my head – I just need to know how to tie this all together!

    I can work at this full time and have an amazing determination and self-belief – I really need a helping hand but I cannot, at the moment, afford a mentoring course – Supporting a wife and 14 month old baby tend to monopolise our household income 🙂

    All the best,

  38. Hi Tommy,
    just start with wishing you a speedy recovery with the back fellow suferer so sympathy.
    back to business, a place on your masterclass would be great not sure if to late only just found your report.
    A bit like yourself I have tried and plenty of unsuccesses(like this new word)
    have followed been sucked into the impossible dream!! (never what promised on the sales pitch)
    have got i think the basics and the tools just need it all to happen started in 2007 have been close to giving up, but I dont like to fail and really would love to make a full time income on the interweb. I have heard the money is in the list so many times, and I get that bit but really need to know how to build that list properly, I have a few subscribers form my blog and diferent products when say few, about 15 at the moment just need to crack that list building I feel like I am so close and need a helping hand to get over the finish line.

    here is to future success


    .-= Adam Henderson´s last blog ..Affiliate Profits Revealed =-.

  39. Andy Coates says:

    Hi Tommy,

    Not sure if i am too late but here goes

    Just want let you know that obviously i would like to be one of the guys that you pick (especially as i couldn’t afford to go on Alex Jeffries latest course!)

    and also that Dean Holland has recommended you to me (as he did with Alex)

    Now i know that your course is more accessible from a financial point of view

    (about £128.00 at today’s rate, Sunday 25 April )

    and to be chosen would be just great (as i never,never,never win anything!)
    mind you, i don’t do any competitions etc so i guess i cant really complain, right!

    in fact i have only ever done the lottery once! and that was the 1st one when, Noel Edmond’s did the 1st show ! but i didn’t win so i haven’t done it since! and besides

    i believe that if you want something you must first have the thought / picture in you mind, then visualize it every day then work towards it

    As for me Winning my place on your course if i did win (which would be just Fantastic) i would like to offer the place to another person above me as there are many more people above me with far better reasons than mine to be on this course !

    I also have learned over the past 4/5 months online from the likes of Dean Holland, Alex Jeffries, Lee, Mac, etc that you have to give away first before you can receive so if i were picked then please give the spot to a more deserving person.

    And because i have just in the last two days managed to sell four laptops
    (from my previous business that has folded which incidentally cost me over £20,000 to get into and even now have two loans to pay off! )

    i do have enough from the sales of these laptops to invest in a course such as yours (Mind you i have still to qualify it Tommy with my Wife, like you do!)

    so fingers crossed for me Tommy that i will see you on the inside

    Andy Coates


    “Have the best day you can have Tommy………It really is your choice”

  40. Pete Carr says:

    Hi Tommy,
    I am one of Alex’s new students. My message to anybody who is thinking of signing up to Tommy’s masterclass do so. I have only ever heard good things about this guy.
    Mentoring is a no brainer, the benefits you get from it are awesome.
    Thanks Tommy

  41. Hi Tommy,

    I’m Robert a fellow Scot from Edinburgh.

    I have just came across you and your blog but have watched your videos and read your information… Very interesting stuff to say the least!

    I’m obviously way behind the date for your Mentoring Masterclass but if you are looking for anymore students I’d love to be considered…


    Well to be honest I have probably spent around £6,000 trying to make money online for about 3 years now but, have made virtually nothing…

    Many times i have considered jacking it all in but i just know that money is there to be made, I just need a good mentor!

    So many times i have invested in some business venture only to be left with a bundle of products and no support! 🙁

    I’m hoping you are the man that can help me and my family take a step towards the better things in life that i know is available with the right help and support.

    I am prepared to put whatever effort is required of me and don’t mind investing a little if there is rewards to had at the end of it.

    Hope you are mentoring others soon,


    .-= Robert Simpson´s last blog ..How To write Killer Promo Emails – Ebook With Private Resell Rights =-.

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