Dean Holland – from $0 to just under $20k in only 8 Months!


Well Andy Murray got put out in the semi finals of Wimbledon – oh well, always next year !

I don’t know about you, but there are times when it is a pleasure to write about someone or a certain topic……

Well, I am having one of these moments! …… why I hear you ask, well because I am able to write about a certain young gentleman by the name of Dean Holland

For those that do not know who Dean is…..??? Where have you been?

Dean was the protege of Alex Jeffreys first Internet Marketing Coaching Program …… and boy did he learn good !!!

Heck, I remember Dean in the early days show me his first eBook and asking for advice, which I gave and offered some help & we went on to be good friends ……

So I guess I am sort of responsible for Dean’s success, but as I am modest and shy, I let Alex take all the credit for Dean’s success ….!!! HA HA HA HA !!!

I have been actually staggered by Dean’s success, or should I say the rapid rise and volume of monies that Dean has generated in 8 months of Online Marketing ……

so much so, that at the end of June 2009, Dean quit his full time job ….. to become a FULL TIME Internet Marketer ……

Given what he has learned and implemented, he is making money hand over fist …..

Only in the last week he generated $11,000 in one week!!

Dean is now about to open the doors to his Starting with Marketing Academy for Internet Newbies

The Academy will run for 6 weeks, where Dean will show you step by step exactly how he has generated $19,328 ….. so in 6 short weeks you will be doing the same …….

Now I have just got off the phone with Dean on Skype and I am excited about what Dean is about to reveal and teach his students this month …….

Check it out the link below to see exactly how Dean managed to make just under $20,000 in only 8 months!…..

Click Here to Find out how Dean made just under $20,000!

Let me know what you think …… as I know some people might think I biased …. but really it is because I know how life changing it will be for the lucky few that get access to the Academy …..

Could you be the next Dean Holland ?????

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  1. Hey there Tommy.
    How are you doing my friend?

    I was lucky enough to win a place on Dean’s “Starting with Marketing Academy for Internet Newbies” because I signed up through his link to Alex Jeffreys “Marketing with Alex 2.0”.
    So I also got into Dean’s course as well which means I have got “The no*1 Mentor to teach me and a close no*2 Mentor (Dean Holland).

    How good is that !!
    I’m over the moon !!!!

    Speak soon.

  2. Hey Tommy!

    Great blog mate! Yes – Dean’s “done good” as they say – as one of Alex’s new students, I want to follow in Dean’s footsteps to success.


  3. Hey guys Im back!
    After like 2 months I’ve finally written something :O
    Shock Horror!
    Look how much Ive missed! The Gazz-mans written and published 2 e-Books! Probably even more, ive just missed them! And probably so have loads of other people!

    Please come vist me again, just dont lecture me on how I should be on more often. I know I should I’ve just been lazy! But I have the whole Holidays to get back on my feet! But I need you guys to help, could you when you pop over ask me any questions you would like to know (like the sort of stuff i’ve written, e.g making/saving money encoregment and that shizzle) because then I will be really doing what I said im doing which is answering other peoples questions :D.

    The Lizzard 😀

  4. Hi Tommy,

    All of us one the second coaching course are hoping to emulate Dean – I was lucky enough to mee thim on Sunday and he said if we follow what Alex says we will be successfull,



  5. Keith,

    I could not agree more, I have a lot to thank Alex Jeffreys for …….

    With everything everyone is learning, different paths will be taken …..

    I do believe that at a later date, I will be able to emulate Alex’s & Dean’s success …..

    Thanks for posting

  6. Stefan says:

    Sounds interesting and that’s truly impressive figures in 8 months. I hope you will share some of the knowledge afterwards.

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