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How are we all doing today?

This post is continuing on from the Things to think about when writing your first eBook Post ……

I also seem to be continuing on with the movies theme and the other day I started to feel like George Lucas – creator of Star Wars Movies …….

Let me explain, as again you might be thinking from Po the Panda to Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker lol !!!! 😉

Over the last couple of months, I have been trying to refocus all my energies into creating products and with that hopefully provide consistant value to you my reader/subscriber.

I won’t say too much just now but there will be a few new products appearing very soon, on top of this I had started writing an eBook – On how to create an eBook, in which I will cover everything from start to finish ……

Ok, so where does WordPress Plugins Blueprint eBook and George Lucas come in??? Good Question …..

Well, the reason I felt like George Lucas, is that he stated when creating the Star Wars movies, he had the vision on how the story would pan out hence the first movie was actually episode IV in the series before we saw the full vision after episode III many years later …..

This is how I felt at 4am on Thursday morning, yes 4am !! when I in my mind had pictured my path online and where I will ultimately be I hope to be at end of 2009 ….

So I think I am starting at my episode IV and until I reveal the full picture of where I will be it may not make total sense …….. it is like writing a book, you have your ending and working backwards 😉

Ok, so I have started writing my creating an eBook project, so why jump to WordPress Plugins eBook??

The reason being I thought I could use this as a working example within my first eBook, how did the topic come about for this …..

I received a call from Marcus Passey and we had a long conversation about how to create a product and brainstormed some topics, one of the topics I suggested was WordPress Plugins, a good and easy topic to research and something that would interest thousands of WordPress Blog owners …… as well as show the true power of WordPress ……

Marcus plumped for a short WordPress Video Series (Well Done for taking action Marcus! 😉 )

The WordPress Plugins idea was still swishing about in my head along with a few other ideas …… so I did a bit of research and came up with the WordPress Plugins BluePrint Domain Name …….

This is the point where I open this up to you 😉

I have as I spoke about earlier started to create the backbone of my eBook on my hardback notebook …..

Some of the topic chapters are going to be :

Membership Sites Plugins
Social Media Plugins

Search Engine Optimization
Review Site Plugins
Admin Plugins …. etc etc

May well write about around 150-250 WordPress Plugins, tagline I have in my head would maybe something like ‘Transform your Blog into WordPress PowerHouse’ or something similiar ……

So what would you suggest should be included in the eBook?

With respect to the creating an eBook, I have not even thought of a title yet …….

What would you suggest I call that eBook?

I will look to give away 3 branded copies of the WordPress Plugins BluePrint eBook to the best suggestions ….. this will include your website/blog address, your affiliate links (remember some WordPress Plugins will be Premium Plugins 😉) , also there will be definately one affiliate link within the eBook that will earn you $48.50 a sale!!!

So Let the Brainstorming begin 😉

Look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts as always 😉

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I thought I would post something a bit light hearted today, as I think I need it as it has been a stressful week …..

I have no doubts you might be thinking I have lost my marbles, or extremely rude by comparing you to a Panda lol !!!

Let me explain, I was taping a few movies on my Virgin Media + box for when I might have a minute to see them, now I taped Kung Fu Panda, (allegedly for my nephew *cough cough*)

A week or so after recording it, I thought I would watch it , easy relaxation while I did housework etc, for those who have not watched let me give you a quick run down:

Po the Panda, works in a family noodle restaurant, he wishes he could be a Kung Fu warrior like 5 super cool kung fu warriors, if I remember rightly one was a Tigeress, a Snake, a grasshopper, a crane and a monkey and a small rodent sort of master ( must of been hoovering at that point ha ha ha! )

Now, the story continues that it is time to pick the Dragon Warrior, who will bring peace to the valley, after a bit of tooing and frowing Po the Panda locked out of ceremony chairs with fireworks etc, The wise old Tortoise – chooses Po as the Dragon Warrior as deemed by the Dragon Sacred Scroll , master trains Po reluctantly at first but no matter who many setbacks Po does not quit as his belief is so strong, a bit of saving the Village, Po gets the Dragon Scroll and understands the message ….. beat the bad guy and saves the village …. Woo Hoo !!

So what does has this have to do with Internet Marketing?

Well, I have no doubts like myself you may have had dreams and aspirations to be a successful within the Internet Marketing cirlces – This is Po?

If like myself you have wished you could be as successful as others online, for me would be Alex, John, Ray, Deano, Lee etc …. These are the super cool dudes

You get yourself a mentor/master to teach you the secrets of Internet Marketing, for me the above cool dudes

Now even with all that the mentors teach you, there are many times you fail, or hit hurdles you need to overcome, for me I perserve till I get there

Now as with the Dragon Sacred Scroll, you could compare that to when you are starting out in the Internet Marketing field, like I did you may think there must be some sort of mega secret that only the chosen few successful marketers know ……

Bet you are excited now, as I am getting to the part of revealing the contents of the Dragon Sacred Scroll ………

Well here it is, when Po opened up the Sacred Scroll to learn all it’s wisdom, all he saw was the reflection of himself staring back ….. the penny dropped ….

Anyone could be the Dragon Warrior , you just had to believe in yourself ……..

I must of been a sight to see sitting there watching it, having a laugh out loud chuckle to myself as I thought how true this is in Internet Marketing ……

So there you have it ……

No matter what your Mentor teaches you, implement, take action and most importantly ………

Believe in yourself!! only you can make it happen, and it will if you believe in yourself ……. and that you will be the next Internet Marketing Success Story

So are you Po the Panda?

Let me know your thoughts and comments as always 😉

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Well how are we all doing?

I know it has been a while since I posted on my Blog, but I have had some offline things happening in the last month, thankfully things are looking up …….

As most of my readers will know I have created a

Very excited about it, I have worked hard at creating it and also ensuring it is as comprehensive as possible, ….

Over 90 Pages of content….of Step by Step Tutorials to getting your WordPress Blog setup

The Graphics are done and looking good, again a big thank you to Steve @ Planet Divinity Graphics , time and time again, this guy goes the extra mile for you 😉

Unfortunately, this is where the wheels fell off the wagon so to speak …..

Now I have learned a lot over the last while, and I am trying to put this knowledge into practice….

The simple thing would have been to complete the book, get a graphic, slap an Aweber Box and away I go ……..

Maybe, I should have but something inside me wanted to do more, give more so to speak, and what I hoped would be a ‘viral’ effect.

So I decided to get a Sales Copy drafted for the product ……

Now I will not name the Copywriter, however he provided testimonials and samples of writing for some of the BIG HITTERS in the Internet Marketing World.

I gave it a whirl, a few hundred dollars later, I still had no copy almost 6 weeks later……

I suprised myself, because in the ‘Real’ world you would not have accepted this ….. but each reply was almost there etc etc excuse excuse …..

I reply ok, hurry up as I am being made to look like a dumpling here with the launch date getting pushed back a day, a week, a month ……..

It was only after speaking to my Motivational Goo-Roo Gary Simpson that I came to my senses.

Put simply, he told me to bin him!

So I did ???

I think I was in a ‘bubble’ where as Gary was on outside and it was plain that I would only be further delayed.

So Gazz-Man, thank you 😉

Here is where I look at all the negativity and delays and turn it into a positive

Getting ripped off by the Copywriter, could turn into a blessing in disguise, granted short term I am out of pocket (In process of trying to recover monies paid), long term it could be the making of me !!!!

How can that be?

Well, the delays, gave me time to evaluate and reflect on what I was doing, if I am honest with myself I was trying to rush things a bit …. and had I launched then I have a feeling that I would have looked back thought, if only I did this or that …..

The delays have also meant I now have the Butterfly Marketing 2.0 Software

This as I mentioned before, will be a very important piece of my jigsaw in 2009 ….. and will now be used for

This means that the 90 Page eBook will be FREE OF CHARGE!

The delays have allowed me to regroup and rethink how to package my new product, I won’t say too much more on this but you can see for yourself when I do get to launch ….

What I would also say is that if you are reading this, please don’t be put off creating a product, the way I see it is the same happens in the ‘real’ world ….

Dodgy Builders, Plumbers, window fitters etc ……

I will keep you updated, hopefully get my money back, and meantime if anyone knows a good trustworthy copywriter that can help turn this experience into a positive, let me know 😉

One last thing,Nikki -Purple Minxy Witch , don’t worry this will be the last time I use a song in my title, but it seemed quite apt given I was getting the pi55 ripped oot me !!

This experience will only make me stronger and better 😉

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I managed to get my copy today! Woo Hoo!

For anyone, that has been living on Mars for last month or so, Butterfly Marketing Software 2.0 Home Study Course sells for $1997.

With the launch of Version 2.0, Mike Filsaime was offering the software free and charging only for Shipping & Handling

Now even at that, it may not be for everyone, for me however it was a brilliant deal and I am looking forward to getting my first butterfly site up and running !

I see it as an important piece of my online jigsaw for 2009 !

As I stated in my last post, Blog Setup Tutorials is coming !! It is as good as finished, just waiting on another sales copy, I will be contacting a handful of people in due course to review members area, then I will look to have a pre-launch, then launch …..

I have decided not to rush it out as I want it to be perfect as it can be so it should be 1st week in April.

Thanks to everyone that has pre-registered for pre-launch information, you can still do so by visiting the link below: -WordPress Tutorials

Right, back to Butterfly Marketing 2.0 Study Course ….

Anyone that had pre-registered for the early bird notification will know that the launch fell flat on it’s face …. initially ….server meltdown ….
It suprises me the frenzy and panic that set in from some ‘seasoned’ marketers, even after being promised a copy ….

Mike has extended the closing time for people that want to get their copy, I would suggest you ask yourself first if you will use the software, if not, then save your $30…..

If you see yourself using it, then be quick as the offer closes soon:

Butterfly Marketing Software 2.0 Home Study Course

If you got a copy already, let me know by posting a comment, look forward to hearing your ideas as to how you will use the software 😉

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I know it has been a while since I have posted on my blog ….

Busy with product creation and trying to get my new product finished ….

Reflecting back I had been hard on myself a tad, just my nature as I always try to be the best I can be …….

Well, what a month, it has been like a soap opera …..

I have had two breavements this month, this as you will guess was not on my to do list 😉

I have had one birth – Alana 9lb 10oz (not mine, but a welcome addition to the family)

My poor old Dad, was taken into hospital for a knee replacement ( getting more like the terminator, as second one and full replacement OUCH !!!)

All of the above not on my to do list …… lol !!!

This has set me back with my launch date (not by much I hope!), but I am always reflecting back and learning …..

I guess what I have learned here is that no matter how well your planning and drive, if life throws you a few curve balls, you gotta take it on the chin and keep going ….

On a personal note, I don’t really like the month of February!, but at least Mad March is just round the corner and I will have a product launch WOO HOO !!!

So keep in touch, as I will be posting here first when I pre-launch !!!

I will also post my thanks to those that during my tough month, have been on hand to help me with certain tasks and advice on the technical side of things (you know who you are 😉 )

So if there is anyone else out there who have had a plan and hit the buffers and barriers, I would say to you keep the faith and push on !!!

On a positive note, I will hit my goals albeit with a slight delay,

I would be interested to hear from anyone else that has experiences similiar to this …. feel free to comment 😉

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I was reviewing the work I managed to get done last night …..

To be honest, I was very miffed with myself, why? ….

It was because I was not practicing what I preach!

I maange a staff team of around 20 people, and one of the things I try to teach them, is the art of time management ….

Now, I am no expert in this field by any stretch of the imagination, but I work with what I call the ‘3D’s …..


You work out what you need to do, things you can delegate and plainly everything else Dump….

I know this is not rocket science, I also know others tell people the same …

last night after reviewing on my notebook where I was at, I found that ……

I wasted around 90 mins, well 97 mins to be exact, I got myself caught up in visiting other people’s Blogs …. that Bloomin Twitter ( which I love but got involved in an interesting conversation- See Post Below)

I then wrote the post below about the Google Contest and published it …….

Where was all this on my ‘DO LIST’?

Well I am guessing you already know, It wasn’t on the list!

This also what I love about my blog, I can ‘bare my soul’ in a manner of speaking.

The other reason, is as I have done with my 90 Day Goals, I am now making myself accountable for my ‘failings’

This may seem as if I am being a bit hard on myself, using harsh words like ‘failings’, however if I do not give myself a kick up the a** , then I will fail ….

I have made a commitment to all my readers/subscribers and others that I will have my ‘new’ product ready this month ….

The Salescopy has been outsourced as will be the Graphics, they will be ready in time ….

The question is will I be READY???

The answer is YES! YES! YES!

I just need to focus and keep to the ‘3D’s’

So if you think I am being unsociable over the coming few weeks, I can assure you I am not, I just have my goals to achieve 😉

As always, feel free to comment 😉

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As some of my subscribers/readers know that Alex Jeffreys has been running his mentoring program

Now, one of the challenges Alex set was to get No1 Postition on Google for the search Term ‘Alex Jeffreys’, this would take some doing, I thought

However, Garry Parkes aka – Parkesy has provided undeniable proof that someone has hot the top spot:

The winner is Gary Simpson AKA THE GAZZ-MAN, I would recommend you jump over to the Gazz-Man’s blog and have a nose about as there are some great info (time planners etc) great posts and conversation going on there.

I forgot to mention, The Profit Pulling Platform Newsletter @ Parkesy Blog is due out so grab yourself a copy, I can’t wait to find out what is in it and what the The Purple Blog Queen Nikki Stephens has in store this issue @ the newbies corner….

It is funny, I was watching the Teenage Ninja turtles and there is a wise old fox/dog in a karate suit, and I thought of Gazz-Man, yes I know I have the strangest mind at time lol !!

As always feel free to comment or post your congratulations to the Gazz Man hitting No1 on Google 😉

The Castlemaine XXXX are on Gazz ! (or am I showing my age, is it Fosters now?? )

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I have been thinking a lot about the coming year and what I hope to achieve ….

I intend to take my time in building up my ‘online business’ and I do hope becoming reasonably sucessfull in my own way ….

Let me explain further, I was watching a program the other night with Amanda my wife, her mum and sister …. it was called ‘Holiday Homes from Hell’ …..

basically British people buying dream properties in Spain and the likes and the homes falling down round their ears sort of thing …..

The problem being the homes foundations were not built properly, so everything else fell down …..

This got me thinking about things within my life and the importance of good foundations both online and offline ….

For example, Trust and honesty in a marriage and doing as you are told !!

A Good Foundation for a happy marriage?

Ok, maybe again I have my tongue in my cheek, but you get the idea ….

Now this got me thinking about the foundations I am building online ……

as I mentioned above I am not going to anyone’s timetable but my own …

I have posted my online goals for the next 90 days granted and hope to achieve them, these I look at the material goals but not my foundations ….

The foundations, I am talking about are building relationships online ….

This I love, it amazes me still as to how releationships and friendships can be built online and be so strong, even though you might never physically meet them ….

So people like Alex Jeffreys, John Thornhill, Ray Johnson, Randy Smith, Richard Fenn, Gary Simpson, Garry Parkes, Nikki Stephens, Dean Holland, Mark McWilliams, Paula Brett to name a few, (there are too many to mention)……

These special people in one way or another have played a part in helping me ‘build my foundations’ and for that I thank you all 😉

Now no matter what your goals are in 2009 …..

Quit your job?
Provide some extra income for your family?
Get out of debt?

Whatever it maybe, make sure you have strong foundations, if you do then the rest of your online business will be solid 😉

As always, feel free to comment 😉

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As my subscribers and readers will have seen in my last post, Alex Jeffrey is running his mentoring course, and I have seen some great videos being produced by his students….

The reason being to see how much traffic can be generated, if I am correct the winning video will win a cash prize?

I am not part of the mentoring course, but have been assisting others where I can who are part of the F500. I have also been lucky enough to strike up some good online friendships with Garry Parkes, Gary Simpson, Dean Holland and not to forget the Purple Blog Queen – Nikki Stephens to name a few …..

Now having read on the students blogs of what they were trying to achieve …. I wondered how much traffic could I generate to my blog by creating an Alex Jeffrey’s video, just for fun and research purposes.

So here it is, drumroll please !!! ……… Alex Jeffreys – This is your Life!

Some readers have emailed me and also posted on my blog about trying to come up with ideas for their own videos…….

My advice is try and not think too hard, for me that was easy as I am not the sharpest tool in the box at times…..

It can be very easy to over complicate things, here is my story of how the above video was born ….

I had been viewing some of the Alex Jeffrey’s videos on Youtube and felt inspired, honest …..

I was reading a post on the Internet Temple Goo Roo himself Gary Simpson’s blog and mailed him to say I was thinking of creating a video to test what he had written on his blog , this was Monday past,

I work hard offline in my ‘day job’ so was not able to give too much thought to my ‘Alex Jeffrey – Theme’ ……

It was Wednesday now, and my good lady wife was going to work (I work shifts ) and was thinking about ‘What could I do???’

I then came up with ‘This is your Life’ theme, hopefully by now you will have viewed the video above ……

Now, this is where the don’t overcomplicate things (unless you are a video/musical editing wizard)

I had initially searched the internet to find the This is your Life Soundtrack

I would have that play and fade and begin the video commentary

I created my webpages in Dreamweaver and sourced the pictures etc for video

I then watched Nitin Mistry’s How to Video’s for editing music etc (this man is a talent!)

At this point, I thought ‘Tommy, you are over complicating things, and remember your ‘techie’ limits!’

I then decided to do a Dennis Waterman (Little Britain Style) Write the theme toon, Sing the theme toon etc, I intended to sound as bad as I did (HONEST!)

The antibiotics are still working their magic 😉

For those of my overseas readers that may be scratching their heads Dennis Who? Little What? ……

Dennis Waterman is an actor who has starred in The Sweeney, Minder, New Tricks etc, he writes, sings the theme tune and stars in the program etc, Little Britian Comedy Show did a ‘spoof’ of these facts and also that when the met him he seemed a whole lot smaller than he seems on the screen ……

Anyways, check it out here for a better idea……Dennis Waterman – Little Britain Style!

I guess I am trying to see how much traffic a ‘bad’ video can produce….

In my defense, I am still only about 60-70% fit, given the severe dose of Man Flu I have had lingering 4-5 weeks ….

If anything, hopefully the video will motivate others to give it a bash, as it can’t be any worse than mine lol 😉

As always, feel free to comment, laugh or post asking for me to be shot at dawn 😉

As some of my subscribers/readers will know Alex Jeffrey is currently running his internet marketing mentoring course.

I watched with great interest as the students have progressed throughout the course so far, and is showing that what Alex is teaching is working ……

Anyways back to the reason for the post, one of the modules that the students are completing at the moment is traffic generation, I have also read and heard that Alex has set a competition to his ‘peeps’ to create a video to pull in major traffic, I have had a smile and a laugh at a couple I have seen so far ….

Firstly, this is Nitin Mistry’s Video, very catchy and a contender for the next X-Factor me thinks…..

The Second video I have seen to day is Garry Parke’s video, gives a different slant and brought a smile to my face, I wonder where he got the bell idea from — Gazz-Man?? lol !! ** Look out for the Guitar Hero Display ** 😉

There is also a romour that there may be a Traffic Tornado coming from Down Under soon!! And no I did not have a bad curry !!! lol !!!

Any comments or if you have a better video let me know as I need a good laugh !