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Well hello and welcome back to ……..

I know it has been a while since posting, but I am to change this with your help 🙂

How can you help?

Simple, let me know what is holding you back getting started online or even moving forward …..

Watch this video for more details 🙂

I have been busy behind the scenes of Tommy Towers …..

I have successfully taken a group of students through my Marketing Startup Masterclass…….

My beautiful baby daughter Lucy arrived 6 weeks early a suprise but boy is she catching up 🙂

I have undergone Back Surgery and I am now recovering …..

So it has been a busy old time to say the least *Phew*

Now back to business, as you will now know the reason I am writing this post is as my list has grown towards 15,000 I get many emails asking for help and advice …… I do look to reply to all emails and it can take time ……

I was sitting the other day wondering how many others are struggling with the same things …….

So this is where you come in, let me know what it is you are struggling with or would like to know how to do better …..

I will then look and see what the majority of issues are and then I will record a step by step video tutorial that I will post on my blog for you to follow 🙂

Some emails I have received recently:

“How can I create a Static WordPress Theme?”
“How do I insert a Paypal Button into an HTML Page?”
“How can I link an HTML Page via my Blog Post?”

I will be replying to these personally, so you get the idea ….. 🙂

Now what will also stress is that no question is a silly question, there may be many others wondering the same so ask away ……. 🙂

That sound ok?

So with everything else I am dealing with, I am still moving forward ……..

At the moment I am working on formulating my own AutoBlogging System, this is a fasinating subject and while I am spending $1000’s researching the topic, you as always as my subscriber will get the information FREE 🙂

I am able to nail down profitable niches in no time at all ….

I am able to create unique WordPress Themes, create Graphics etc in no time at all, don’t worry though I have a suprise for you soon where I will show you everything free as I will have lots of Video Tutorials for you 🙂

Here are a couple of examples of some of my Blogs:

Click Here to see Autoblog Example 1 🙂

Click Here to see Autoblog Example 2 🙂

Click Here to see Autoblog Example 3 🙂

These are some general examples and I have a few different formated AutoBlogs but this was to give you an idea on what else I am working on to then share with you 🙂

Now most of the enquires and requests for help are with regards to WordPress, not a problem as I am quite knowledgeable with Blogs and Blogging …… now I would recommend you grab the 500+ FREE Blogging Products, WordPress Video Tutorials, Search Engine Optimization Tutorials, WordPress Themes, Templates below as you will find everything you need to help you and if you are still struggling then drop me an email 🙂

You can download everything you need below:

Now if there is anything else you want me to help you with, then post your comments below and I will look to reply to any specific problems personally 🙂

Enjoy !

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WordPress Plugins BluePrint is now finished and live 😉

I am sure it will be a valuable resource for your WordPress Blog ….

I want to first share the story about the creation of the WordPress Plugins BluePrint eBook and hope that it may drive you to create your own product and take action 😉

Thanks to Marcus Passey, for allowing me to share this story 😉 (Buddy you will be a star in the Internet Marketing Arena, keep the faith and focus ….. )

As you will know by now, I have always been open and honest that if you contact me for help or advice I will always look help you to overcome whatever problem or barrier that you may be struggling with ….

Anyways, back to my story …..

Marcus contacted me on my cell phone a while back asking for some help and guidance with creating a new product ….

We arranged a time to have a one to one brainstorming session and set to work, lots of ideas were being generated , one of which was a WordPress Plugins eBook ……

Reasoning I had behind it was ….. easy to research , sought after topic, would be good product either to sell or build a list with it …..

Marcus did not agree with me and plumped for another topic …… I respected this, but the WordPress Plugin idea was still niggling at me, so I decided to create it myself 😉

As well as being a valuable resource to add to my current products, I hoped it would inspire others, as one of the common problem or personal barriers I find that most people encounter is that of having a lack of confidence and the feeling of “I can’t do that!” ….

This is a natural stumbling block, but I was hoping that this may possibly drive someone to ‘grab the bull with the horns’ and go for it, everyone has it in them to create a book 😉

And so …………

WordPress Plugins BluePrint was born!!! Woo Hoo 😉

(Marcus has joked with me, that he wished he had gone for that idea after seeing finished product …. I do however know that his product will be a corker as well …… )

Ok, I am sure that WordPress Plugins BluePrint will help you improve your WordPress Blog, I have as promised in my last video also included the following for you:

A Squeeze Page (Just copy & paste your AWeber Code or Payment Button)
A Download Page
A Download Folder
Your Resell Licence with support details

All you need to do is upload to your webspace and away you go 😉

You can Download your copy by clicking the image below:

Click here to get your copy of WordPress Plugins BluePrint

There will be regular updates as there are 1000’s of WordPress Plugins for many functions, I was concious that I did not want to just cram the book full of Plugins just for the sake of it 😉

However, this is your eBook so to speak so if you have any suggestions or want your own Plugin included within future versions of WordPress Plugins BluePrint, then post a comment below …..

Again, big thanks to Marcus and I hope you the reader enjoy this ebook and maybe even go on to create your own product, if not then feel free to utilise this product within Giveaways, Memberships to earn money or help build your subscriber list …..

Keep any eye out as I will be launching Niche Blogging Riches towards the end of this month (another product I hope will help you 😉 )

I am in the process of creating some promo videos for another very special project I have planned in January 2010 …….

So all in all some big things happening at ‘Tommy Towers’ ………

Meantime, enjoy WordPress Plugins BluePrint and feel free to retweet 😉

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Well how are we this fine day?

Wimbledon Tennis Semi Final’s today, so fingers crossed that Andy Murray makes it to the final on Sunday — GO ANDY !!

Right, back on topic, -How to set up a WordPress Blog is finished.

As most of my readers & subscribers know that I have had some personal issues that delayed the completion of -How to set up a WordPress Blog , but as you will know I am a postive character so that has helped to me try and retain my focus and drive to ensure I produced what I think is a great product ( blowing his own trumpet !)

I do hope you agree with me 😉

I have tried to cover everything needed for someone with no experience of WordPress to have their WordPress Blog up and running today! The Book covers WordPress 2.8 so is bang up to date 😉

Even though it is a FREE Product, you have the added guarantee that if you still unsure of anything, then I will set everything up for you for FREE if required!! so you can’t fail 😉

So enough waffling, I hope you will have a look and please let me know what you think 😉

I have had emails about setting up JV’s and I will hopefully get things up and running next week 😉

So click the Banner below to get access:

Click here to get

I would love to hear what you think, so feel free to post your comments below 😉

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Well how are we all doing?

I know it has been a while since I posted on my Blog, but I have had some offline things happening in the last month, thankfully things are looking up …….

As most of my readers will know I have created a

Very excited about it, I have worked hard at creating it and also ensuring it is as comprehensive as possible, ….

Over 90 Pages of content….of Step by Step Tutorials to getting your WordPress Blog setup

The Graphics are done and looking good, again a big thank you to Steve @ Planet Divinity Graphics , time and time again, this guy goes the extra mile for you 😉

Unfortunately, this is where the wheels fell off the wagon so to speak …..

Now I have learned a lot over the last while, and I am trying to put this knowledge into practice….

The simple thing would have been to complete the book, get a graphic, slap an Aweber Box and away I go ……..

Maybe, I should have but something inside me wanted to do more, give more so to speak, and what I hoped would be a ‘viral’ effect.

So I decided to get a Sales Copy drafted for the product ……

Now I will not name the Copywriter, however he provided testimonials and samples of writing for some of the BIG HITTERS in the Internet Marketing World.

I gave it a whirl, a few hundred dollars later, I still had no copy almost 6 weeks later……

I suprised myself, because in the ‘Real’ world you would not have accepted this ….. but each reply was almost there etc etc excuse excuse …..

I reply ok, hurry up as I am being made to look like a dumpling here with the launch date getting pushed back a day, a week, a month ……..

It was only after speaking to my Motivational Goo-Roo Gary Simpson that I came to my senses.

Put simply, he told me to bin him!

So I did ???

I think I was in a ‘bubble’ where as Gary was on outside and it was plain that I would only be further delayed.

So Gazz-Man, thank you 😉

Here is where I look at all the negativity and delays and turn it into a positive

Getting ripped off by the Copywriter, could turn into a blessing in disguise, granted short term I am out of pocket (In process of trying to recover monies paid), long term it could be the making of me !!!!

How can that be?

Well, the delays, gave me time to evaluate and reflect on what I was doing, if I am honest with myself I was trying to rush things a bit …. and had I launched then I have a feeling that I would have looked back thought, if only I did this or that …..

The delays have also meant I now have the Butterfly Marketing 2.0 Software

This as I mentioned before, will be a very important piece of my jigsaw in 2009 ….. and will now be used for

This means that the 90 Page eBook will be FREE OF CHARGE!

The delays have allowed me to regroup and rethink how to package my new product, I won’t say too much more on this but you can see for yourself when I do get to launch ….

What I would also say is that if you are reading this, please don’t be put off creating a product, the way I see it is the same happens in the ‘real’ world ….

Dodgy Builders, Plumbers, window fitters etc ……

I will keep you updated, hopefully get my money back, and meantime if anyone knows a good trustworthy copywriter that can help turn this experience into a positive, let me know 😉

One last thing,Nikki -Purple Minxy Witch , don’t worry this will be the last time I use a song in my title, but it seemed quite apt given I was getting the pi55 ripped oot me !!

This experience will only make me stronger and better 😉

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This is just a very quick post, today I am putting the final touches to my new product that I have been working on…….

Fanfare, drumroll, brass band …… announcement on the six o’clock news ……..

Here it is : …… -WordPress Tutorials

I know I know is that it !!!! I here you say ….. most of my subscribers/readers would have probably guessed this may have been the topic of my new product ……

Anyways, I hope that this will benefit lots of people, who like me may have initially struggled with certain tasks when setting up their WordPress Blog.

A 90+ Page Tutorial eBook packed with step by step screenshots of everything you need

Lots of other free bonuses to aid the set up of your WordPress Blog

I have had offline pressures as some will know, that it makes it all the more satisfying that I am almost ready for pre-launch …..

I would also like to give a big shout out meantime to my graphic designer Steve from Planet Divinity Graphics
This man comes up with the goods time after time for me, service second to none and I can not sing his praises enough…..

check out the Planet Divinity Graphics Website for yourself and see what Steve could do for you ….It is also my plan as well as my next product/project that is in the pipeline (I know I have not even launched BlogSetupTutorials yet lol !! ) ……

I will be looking to create a free product/eBook, that will show you ever step I took in creating (may be a mixture of video tutorials & eBook) …….

I will be as honest as I can be here and wether it gives you motivation or not …….

I am no-one special at all, far from it …. but I want you to think of this ……..

If I can create a product …….. THEN SO CAN YOU !!! 😉

That is not me trying to bulls**t anyone, I truly believe it, I as all my readers/subscribers know, if I can help you achieve your goals, then I am here for YOU 😉

Sorry, starting to ramble now, overexcitement I think 😉

Please check out the link below: -WordPress Tutorials

I would appreciate any thoughts or comments you might have 😉

Remeber to sign up for the pre-launch information, as I have something very special planned for the ‘early birds’ 😉
Speak soon 😉

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Well we are now 4 days into the New Year …..

How’s the Head?

Thankfully, I don’t drink much if at all, so I am raring to go …. like most people, I had family visiting over the festive period …. so made a point of not to be online much, as family is important as is a healthy balance in life ….

I have not been totally idle as I have been jotting down ideas and plans of how to start putting into place my goals for 2009 …..

As some of my subscribers/readers will have been following previous posts, helping and showing you how to set up a blog etc ……

This is now where I need your help and/or opinion …..

While I know some of my readers/subscribers now have there blogs up and running 😉 (Well Done!)

Could I ask you to cast your mind back to the first day that you decided that you wanted to create your own blog ……

Yeah, I know it seems so long ago …. lol !! but homour me 😉

What were the things you struggled with?

If you were to try and create your own blog, what information do you wish you had to make the task easier?

Is there anything that you are still unsure or struggling with?

If you are a reader, who is maybe more blog savvy, feel free to chip in all the same 😉

Please be as honest as possible, everything will be come clear as to why I am asking in due course, I have kept the questions vague to a degree as I do not want to put ideas to you, but want to find out from my readers/subscribers exactly what they would want or wish they had when starting out ….

As always, please feel free to comment

Thanks in advance for your input and help 😉

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I have had some questions and emails about how to create a simple redirect link for a blog or to include within your eBook …

I know that some of my readers/subscribers are following Dean at his blog and unfortunately still experiencing problems …

This got me thinking, how many other people are needing help, but are struggling on…..?

I would suggest to those that are having problems, the best thing to do if you can’t fix it, is to ask for help or advice, while I myself also struggle to do this at times, I have found with experience that it is best just to ask for help and advice …..

Why? …..

because before you know it you may have spent a few hours trying to fix or follow steps to complete a task, each time you fail, getting slowly disheartened and before you know it you are powering down your computer.

What had started as a positive day, with your to-do list at the ready and goals to hand, you will have written off your day no further forward…

while if you ask for help wether it be at a blog like mine, send an email or post a question on a forum …

Now, you might say “but how long before I get an answer?” …….

it may not be immediate, however think about the other tasks you could be working on while waiting for the answer …..

do you see where i am going here …. 1, 2, 3 ?

you get the solution to the task you were having some problem ( for some this will be the video below and before you know it you have a handful of tasks completed 😉 )

Now, I do not want this to seem as a sermon, but just to try and help my readers/subscribers to get into the ‘mindset’ of seeking help if they need it ….

In a way if you do you are ‘outsourcing’ to a degree … well enough of my chat as requested here is the video tutorial that will show how to create a simple redirect link for your Blog or eBook 😉

**Please accept my apologises as I am still suffering from a cold, so would suggest you do not have your headset set at full volume 😉 I do *cough* twice, I did however promise a couple of readers I would complete this tutorial today, to help them complete this task … so bear with me 😉 **

Here is the .php code as shown in the video above, just copy and paste into notepad ….

?php $URL=”enter your web address link here”;
header (“Location: $URL”);

Please add < and also ..... > at begining an end of code as shown in video 😉

Here is the redirect link created in the video:

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to comment below 😉

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WordPress 2.7 is here!

I have had a few emails from some readers/subscribers about the latest version of WordPress which is 2.7

I can appreciate why some people seemed worried given that the Admin Dashboard is totally different ….

This may have thrown some people, given some emails stating ‘they don’t know how to use it, please help!’

Firstly, I would like to reassure readers/subscribers of my blog, the WordPress Blog does the exact same things the previous version does.

If anything there have been some improvements made, mainly the Plugins install feature, Quick Press Feature and at a glance comments, to name a few

I have created a very quick video, showing the ‘new’ admin dashboard, you will have to excuse me if I sound a bit ‘croacky’, but I have a servere dose of Man-Flu.

I have muddled up a well known saying ( blames the Man Flu ), can anyone spot it?

Some of the questions, I have also recieved is ‘should I upgrade to WordPress 2.7?’ , this is a personal preference, I will be holding off until I know all WordPress Plugins I am using are compatible with the latest version.
I would suggest that you should be using WordPress 2.6.5 at the very least, given the bug fixes and features.

I will do a more detailed video shortly, once I have totally familiarised myself with the 2.7 Version and all it’s features

As always, feel free to comment, or send an email and I will reply as always 😉

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As most will know the saying is ‘the money is in the list’ …..

Do you know what …. the above statement is true, the problem most new marketers encounter ….

‘How do I get people to subscribe to my list?’

Well, I will hold my hands up now, I am not a listbuilding expert, I do not profess to be ….

All that I have learned is from other marketers that have mammoth lists of subscribers …. as I have mentioned on other blogs and now my own …..

‘Knowledge is like a candle, if you have the knowledge, then you should let others light their candles from yours’ ….

Not sure if you agree 😉

The basics of listbuilding are I guess simple enough, ….

You would normally need :

A Good Product
A Squeeze Page
An Optin Box

Ok, so you have all of the above, you check your stats and still find that the people visiting are not subscribing to your Good Product

Why? ….. it could be bad luck …. could be where within your blog you have placed it ….maybe the visitor was only on you blog 30 secs and left ….

I have gotten hold of a great plugin that could help change that … check out the video below ….

What did you think?

Well the best of it, if you want to try this plugin it is FREE!

You will have to enter your name and email to get it delivered to your inbox.

I have purchased the Full Version of this software, the difference of Full Version is you can split test Headlines, and remove ‘powered by’ links as well as a range of other features.

I would suggest you go for free, have a play about, and upgrade to Full Version, if you want to expand your listbuilding optins.

You can get your free version of this Plugin here Get your Viral Listbuilding Plugin Here

When you confirm your email, you will be taken to a one time offer, you can ignore this as your plugin will have been delivered to your inbox seperately.

I will make a short video in the next coming days to show you how marketers get you to a oto page after subscribing using aweber ..

Feel free to post a comment or any feedback you have with this plugin 😉

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Well, here is the next video tutorial that will show you how to add Google Adsense, Banners and Aweber to your WordPress Blog.

I think I need to catch my breath, phew !! but on a positive note if you have been following the previous posts and video tutorials this is what you have achieved so far ….*Drumroll please*

You have registered your Domain Name.
You have obtained your own webhosting.
You have created your own email
You have created your Own WordPress Blog via your Cpanel.
You have choosen your own WordPress Theme and uploaded it via ftp.
You have decided which WordPress Plug-ins you need and uploaded them via ftp.
You have learned how to create ‘backlinks’ and ‘trackbacks’ to your Blog.

Did you realise that you had managed to complete all those tasks?

Now, some of the questions and emails I have been receiving are asking ‘How do I add Google Adsense?’ – ‘Can you tell me how to add Banners to my Blog please?’ ‘ I want to add Aweber to my Blog’

I am not one that likes to disappoint so here is the next video tutorial showing you exactly how it is done 😉

Now before you watch you will need a Google Adsense Account Click Here for Google Adsense

If you want to add Aweber to your blog then you can Take Aweber for a Test Drive Here

Please feel free to post any comments or feedback you may have, *I will be redoing the video as sound is not the best it could be*, however due to the emails I have received asking for the tutorial I have posted it meantime ….

This will hopefully those that have asked get on with personalising their blog.

If there is anything else that you would like to see, let me know and as always I will see what I can do 😉

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