Blog Setup Tutorials is launching soon!!


This is just a very quick post, today I am putting the final touches to my new product that I have been working on…….

Fanfare, drumroll, brass band …… announcement on the six o’clock news ……..

Here it is : …… -WordPress Tutorials

I know I know is that it !!!! I here you say ….. most of my subscribers/readers would have probably guessed this may have been the topic of my new product ……

Anyways, I hope that this will benefit lots of people, who like me may have initially struggled with certain tasks when setting up their WordPress Blog.

A 90+ Page Tutorial eBook packed with step by step screenshots of everything you need

Lots of other free bonuses to aid the set up of your WordPress Blog

I have had offline pressures as some will know, that it makes it all the more satisfying that I am almost ready for pre-launch …..

I would also like to give a big shout out meantime to my graphic designer Steve from Planet Divinity Graphics
This man comes up with the goods time after time for me, service second to none and I can not sing his praises enough…..

check out the Planet Divinity Graphics Website for yourself and see what Steve could do for you ….It is also my plan as well as my next product/project that is in the pipeline (I know I have not even launched BlogSetupTutorials yet lol !! ) ……

I will be looking to create a free product/eBook, that will show you ever step I took in creating (may be a mixture of video tutorials & eBook) …….

I will be as honest as I can be here and wether it gives you motivation or not …….

I am no-one special at all, far from it …. but I want you to think of this ……..

If I can create a product …….. THEN SO CAN YOU !!! 😉

That is not me trying to bulls**t anyone, I truly believe it, I as all my readers/subscribers know, if I can help you achieve your goals, then I am here for YOU 😉

Sorry, starting to ramble now, overexcitement I think 😉

Please check out the link below: -WordPress Tutorials

I would appreciate any thoughts or comments you might have 😉

Remeber to sign up for the pre-launch information, as I have something very special planned for the ‘early birds’ 😉
Speak soon 😉

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  1. I am on the look out for your guide. It will be really helpful for me. I actually took several hours to sort out some bug on my blog 🙁
    Can you imagine how frustrating that was?

    Anyways you can hop over to my blog and make a comment also.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

  2. Nikki says:


    This is all looking pretty impressive! But then would I expect anything less from you…

    I’ve signed up to be on your early bird list as well…

    I hope you’ll be getting the red carpet out and making a huge song & dance when this is unleashed upon the public!


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