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Well, how are we all doing, I feel that I am having a nightmare myself!

I want to thank all my subscribers & readers who have been sending emails of support during a difficult time.

It seems that I am getting hit from all angles with some serious family illness, that is zapping myself and wife with daily visits to the hospital – this will continue for at least another 8 weeks so I have my hands full what with a full time job and still working on my online ventures…..

Anyhoos, from one nightmare to another!

I was lucky enough to be part of Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program , now given all I learned with Alex as my mentor, it has helped me keep focus and remain driven to ensure I hit my goals and online targets this year even with the added personal pressues at the moment…

So much so, that I will have two products launching in the coming weeks, ……

I read “The Newbies Nightmare” as soon as it hit my inbox, and to say it was straight to the point is an understatement …… after all Alex’s sub line is….

“Alex Jeffreys Reveals The Profitable New Reality Check “Guru’s” Would KILL To Keep Hidden From You….”

I was going to do a full review, but given it is only 45 pages long, then I did not want to spoil your fun 😉

If you do anything today, then grab yourself a FREE copy today “The Newbies Nightmare”

Let me know what you think about it, and post a comment below …..

I will keep you posted on the definate launch of “BlogSetupTutorials.com” and my second product in the next week or so

Enjoy the Book !

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  1. Hi Tommy

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog I appreciate that my friend. Ha good to see I am getting noticed where did you find me again?

    Hope your family illness has got better,keep in touch yeah.

    all the best

    Marcus Passey

  2. Amy Skyler says:

    I’ve heard that Alex Jeffreys is launching a new Coaching Program this week but it will be very expensive?

    Why would you recommend Alex as a coach rather than other people like Michael Cheney, or Rich Schefren?

    Been following Alex for a while now and enjoyed ‘The Gurus Dream’.

    Have you made any money since you did Alex’s Coaching.

    Will I get my money back if I sign up.


  3. Hi Amy,

    You are correct Alex opens the doors to his Coaching 2.0 Program at 1pm EST on 25/06/09.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex as a coach, Micheal & Rich are first class mentors as well, but you will pay a lot more to be coached by Alex.

    As you will see from my blog posts previously, 2009 will be a big year for me, I have had a few personal issues to deal with so I am behind.

    I will be a success as I will be implementing all I have learned and behind the scenes I am just about to launch my new product…

    As to getting the money back if you sign up, yes, however that would not be the mindset I would recommend, you will learn heaps …..

    As to expensive, given all that will be included in the program, you will more than get a return on the money you are investing in yourself

    Doors open at 1pm EST today so you will need to be quick if you want to secure a place:

    “Get Access to Alex Jeffreys Coaching 2.0 Program Here!”

    Good Luck…..

  4. * I should have said a lot more money to be coached by Michael & Rich DOH !!

  5. Michael says:

    Sorry to hear about your family’s health issues. I hope everyone is doing better soon.

  6. Hey Tommy everything okay mate?? hope your family is well.

    Just a quick one I won a place on Alex’s course how buzzing am I??

    Keep in touch I would love to share my progress with you.



  7. Well Done Marcus!!!

    I am pleased for you mate!

    As I said = you kept popping up everywhere!

    So you must have made an impression with Alex

    Enjoy the coaching and speak soon 😉


  8. Hello Tommy

    Me again just saying thanks for yet another excellant post on my blog.I am getting so many big ups its really giving me the confidence to hit this course running.

    cheers mate

    speak soon


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