Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Guru- This is your Life!


As my subscribers and readers will have seen in my last post, Alex Jeffrey is running his mentoring course, and I have seen some great videos being produced by his students….

The reason being to see how much traffic can be generated, if I am correct the winning video will win a cash prize?

I am not part of the mentoring course, but have been assisting others where I can who are part of the F500. I have also been lucky enough to strike up some good online friendships with Garry Parkes, Gary Simpson, Dean Holland and not to forget the Purple Blog Queen – Nikki Stephens to name a few …..

Now having read on the students blogs of what they were trying to achieve …. I wondered how much traffic could I generate to my blog by creating an Alex Jeffrey’s video, just for fun and research purposes.

So here it is, drumroll please !!! ……… Alex Jeffreys – This is your Life!

Some readers have emailed me and also posted on my blog about trying to come up with ideas for their own videos…….

My advice is try and not think too hard, for me that was easy as I am not the sharpest tool in the box at times…..

It can be very easy to over complicate things, here is my story of how the above video was born ….

I had been viewing some of the Alex Jeffrey’s videos on Youtube and felt inspired, honest …..

I was reading a post on the Internet Temple Goo Roo himself Gary Simpson’s blog and mailed him to say I was thinking of creating a video to test what he had written on his blog , this was Monday past,

I work hard offline in my ‘day job’ so was not able to give too much thought to my ‘Alex Jeffrey – Theme’ ……

It was Wednesday now, and my good lady wife was going to work (I work shifts ) and was thinking about ‘What could I do???’

I then came up with ‘This is your Life’ theme, hopefully by now you will have viewed the video above ……

Now, this is where the don’t overcomplicate things (unless you are a video/musical editing wizard)

I had initially searched the internet to find the This is your Life Soundtrack

I would have that play and fade and begin the video commentary

I created my webpages in Dreamweaver and sourced the pictures etc for video

I then watched Nitin Mistry’s How to Video’s for editing music etc (this man is a talent!)

At this point, I thought ‘Tommy, you are over complicating things, and remember your ‘techie’ limits!’

I then decided to do a Dennis Waterman (Little Britain Style) Write the theme toon, Sing the theme toon etc, I intended to sound as bad as I did (HONEST!)

The antibiotics are still working their magic ๐Ÿ˜‰

For those of my overseas readers that may be scratching their heads Dennis Who? Little What? ……

Dennis Waterman is an actor who has starred in The Sweeney, Minder, New Tricks etc, he writes, sings the theme tune and stars in the program etc, Little Britian Comedy Show did a ‘spoof’ of these facts and also that when the met him he seemed a whole lot smaller than he seems on the screen ……

Anyways, check it out here for a better idea……Dennis Waterman – Little Britain Style!

I guess I am trying to see how much traffic a ‘bad’ video can produce….

In my defense, I am still only about 60-70% fit, given the severe dose of Man Flu I have had lingering 4-5 weeks ….

If anything, hopefully the video will motivate others to give it a bash, as it can’t be any worse than mine lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

As always, feel free to comment, laugh or post asking for me to be shot at dawn ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Gary SIMPSON says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Tommy…

    Where does one even BEGIN to comment on that!

    Holy Madonna, Mother of Mercy. I am still so “disturbed” that I can hardly type properly. I am continually having to correct my spelling.

    Mate… FANTASTIC humour. Cecil Bumsqueak. Oh dear. And the tax stuff – doesn’t that sound too close for comfort? The Godfather IV. Oh, I gotta stop coz I don’t wanna spoil the impact. Your accent – sorry – just makes it even funnier.

    And those pictures. I just guffawed as they came up.

    Very seriously over the top spoof, or whatever. I dunno. It is pretty much in a category of its own. Maybe it will win the “UNUSUAL” award.

    Anyway, back to some sense. I seriously want to thank you for all those nice plugs – even the Goo-Roo. Very much way too premature. Maybe a Kanga-Roo. I am from Australia. And I do hop from blog to blog and because of that I refer to my blogroll as “the Blogeroo” – just seemed natural to me.

    Hey, I just decided to wait before doing my first video. I’m gonna take everyone on a tour of my office – the infamous “bell,” my model of the Bismarck , my d*ckhe*d pad that I use when DH’s call, my jumping “thingy” and all the toys that I find very funny but others do not. I might even allow a peek of my “ammunition” so that you can see how much I really do have to fire.

    I actually have a number of videos in mind. I just need to get around to shooting them. So, I’m gonna wait until somebody else wins the video prize. I don’t need the money and I would rather have somebody more worthy or needy to have it. I am rarely inspired by money but if I set my sights on something and want it I will have it. ATM I am working to my own schedule, not anybody else’s. That’s just me. I guess what I am saying is that I have a firm plan and I am executing it without too much do this – do that stuff. I am far too distracted as it is. Not to mention disturbed. I did mention that, didn’t I?

    My focus is on helping some of the others with bits and pieces that I can do and to make my blog a place where everyone can come – no matter how great or how small they believe they are – to learn SOMETHING. At my self-proclaimed “TEMPLE” everyone is equal as every one brings something to the table and can also take from the table. They can bring as much as they want or they can take as much as they want. I only have one rule and that is to respect everybody by being NICE. It’s pretty simple. And simple things are the BEST!

    Anyway, I’m just blowing a few things out of my mind. This isn’t about me this is about YOU!

    I think it was wonderful. I was very impressed with your humour and the way you really didn’t mind appearing silly. We all know otherwise. Paull Hamilton did something similar by including his (MANY) out-takes at the end of his video. Oddly enough he also seems to know a very good friend of mine – Ken Hell. Ken is pretty widely known though. I even yell at him and refer to him often even when he is nowhere to be seen. Even when he is far, far away – as in Far Ken Hell.

    Tommy, what really impresses me is the way that you have included many people in your “credits” – apart from me (thanks again) you have mentioned Garry Parkes, Deano, the infamous Nix, Nitin. This is a powerful thing to do. Giving credit to others inspires them and helps them to grow. And on behalf of all those people, I thank you most sincerely for having the grace to do that.

    Looking forward to your next “offering.”

    Well done.

    Gary Simpson
    (Temple Goo-Roo) LOL!

  2. Hi Tommy, just working my way round all of Alex’s students, a bit time consuming but worth the effort, I think. I have just seen your very funny video and agree with Garys comments wholeheartedly. If you have a minute or two to spare I would appreciate your visiting my site to see a post I made concerning a poll about Alex. While you are there, perhaps you would look at my competition video and give me your opinion. Thanks in anticipation.

  3. Becky Carter says:

    Hi Tommy,
    What can I say!! It’s brilliant. It makes me feel quite embassed about my offering. I didn’t think I would enjoy making it as much as I did. I know I cheated by not using my voice or face but one step at a time. But you, you’re in a different league!!

    Well done, I’m waiting for the next one now!!


  4. Hi Tommy,

    You know I see you all over the place, yet I think this is the first we meet. Thanks for coming by my blog and watching the video.

    I had no idea you weren’t in the class. So just disregard my words regarding “plenty of time to change your mind.” If your video were in the contest, it would rank right up there.

    Let’s not be strangers,


  5. Nikki says:

    Hi Tommy,

    Figured I’d pop over in between working on Garry in the Lair of Temptation…he’s having a rest at the moment, it’s been some pretty intensive treatment.

    I did leave you a comment on YouTube about your video above, but I thought I’d leave one here as well that echoes the sentiment – I was literally crying with laughter watching your vid, so just as well I was in the office by myself at the time!! I thought it was absolutely brilliant.

    By the way, thanks for the mention above – I like the title Purple Blog Queen!

    Gaz-Man – infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me!! Yes, I like being the infamous Nix as well!

    So many titles, so little time…

    Nix / She Who Must Be Obeyed / The Purple Minxy Witch / The Purple Blog Queen (etc!).

    PS – Gaz-Man, my collection of titles are getting nearly as bad as yours! (The Illustrious Dalai Lemur!)

    PPS – Oh, I almost forgot – Gaz-Man, above you said:

    I might even allow a peek of my โ€œammunitionโ€ so that you can see how much I really do have to fire.

    Oh. My. God. You have NO IDEA how hard I’m finding it to leave that one alone!

  6. Hi Tommy,

    This is my first visit to your blog, I actually saw you and Alex tweeting each other on Twitter and realize he was laughing about your video so I came over to see it.

    I also did not realize you were not one of our fellow students, you’re actually listed on my Alex’s Students blog roll! I got the list from someone else so you’re on a lot of people’s blogs!

    Anyway, great job on the Alex video, you’ve got a great sense of humor and and I think your video would do very well if you were in the contest. Thanks for playing along with us.

    Have an excellent day,


  7. Dean Holland says:

    Tommy.. Brother !

    Ha Ha Ha Ha…. How great !!

    I watched this a few days ago, then I watched it again to show my Mrs !! Then rushed off out without commenting so sorry bro..

    But Im back .. Aha !

    First off thanks, you have done a lot for me in the past and Im sure we will do a lot for each other in the future !!

    Keep the great stuff coming mate, were all watching ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bit upset bout how my vid quality turned out man !! Think ive got some major problem solving to do !

    Speak soon mate


  8. Gary SIMPSON says:

    Hey Tommy,

    Just gotta hijack your blog for a sec to answer Nix.

    Nix I SAID “ammunition.” I think you are referring to my artillery piece, are you not? The ammunition is what goes into the artillery and then the cannon fires. KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

    Hope I cleared that up love.

    Tommy, I dare not watch that video again. LOL!


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