A Happy New Year to everyone for 2009, Can I ask for your Opinion?


Well we are now 4 days into the New Year …..

How’s the Head?

Thankfully, I don’t drink much if at all, so I am raring to go …. like most people, I had family visiting over the festive period …. so made a point of not to be online much, as family is important as is a healthy balance in life ….

I have not been totally idle as I have been jotting down ideas and plans of how to start putting into place my goals for 2009 …..

As some of my subscribers/readers will have been following previous posts, helping and showing you how to set up a blog etc ……

This is now where I need your help and/or opinion …..

While I know some of my readers/subscribers now have there blogs up and running 😉 (Well Done!)

Could I ask you to cast your mind back to the first day that you decided that you wanted to create your own blog ……

Yeah, I know it seems so long ago …. lol !! but homour me 😉

What were the things you struggled with?

If you were to try and create your own blog, what information do you wish you had to make the task easier?

Is there anything that you are still unsure or struggling with?

If you are a reader, who is maybe more blog savvy, feel free to chip in all the same 😉

Please be as honest as possible, everything will be come clear as to why I am asking in due course, I have kept the questions vague to a degree as I do not want to put ideas to you, but want to find out from my readers/subscribers exactly what they would want or wish they had when starting out ….

As always, please feel free to comment

Thanks in advance for your input and help 😉

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  1. Dave Pumfrey says:

    Hi Tommy,

    In response to your question – I would like to know how to add the ‘search facility’ and ‘Recent visitor’ features that you have on your blog to mine.

    I also wish you Health, Happiness and Prosperity for 2009!

    To your success,


  2. Guy says:

    Hi Tommy,

    And a happy new year to you too my friend!
    When I first decided on starting my blog I registered with wordpress and must’ve spent a few days getting to grips with the technical aspect of how to get posts, themes, widgets and plug ins in order to make my blog look more appealing to the public. I wrestled with filezila and kept nagging Hostgator on how to do this and that and even though most of the times they were helpful I felt that I could’ve used better technical expertise. So I guess one thing I learnt from this exercise is that sometimes its best to outsource the work to a professional rather than do it yourself. I’m actually looking to outsource some work at the moment that’s needed in order to update my blog so if you can recommend anyone you know I’d much appreciate it.
    Hope my comment is of help.



  3. Gary SIMPSON says:

    Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for coming over to Gary-Land last night. What do I struggle with in wordpress? Hmm…

    …everything! I had a fellow lined up to help me three weeks ago. Oh, he was gonna do lots of things for me. I was gonna pay him, of course.

    But then he got sick, or so he said. Then he had to shift house. Then he was still sick. Then it was Christmas. Then it was New Year. I sent email after email and left several telephone messages. Now, this morning, he emails me and says… “I can’t help you.”

    Effen hell! If ONLY he had said that in the FIRST bloody place. Now what he has done is cost me three weeks of wasted time. THAT is precisely why I HATE asking people to do anything. They are FULL of promises and very LOW on delivery.

    Seriously, Tommy, I have stumbled my way through all this wordpress-PHP stuff myself. What you see on my pretty ordinary blog – that I call a Volkswagen – is what I have been able to do myself.

    But to answer your question… I’d like to install all the social book marking stuff – especially the “onlywire” facility that JT talks about on his blog. But I am so strung-out answering all the queries I get that I have absolutely no time to do anything for myself.


    Gary SIMPSON

  4. Hi Tommy,

    Man, Your are my guess of honour if you want an opinion, lol.

    When i started out, one of the question i wanted to ask is how to put aweber to the blog? The other will be how to put it to every post – “the button” – (share and enjoy) cute little icons like yours on your blog. Is it a plugin. Let me know how to install it since on the subject here.

    One more question, I see the ads on my blog. Do I need to get a google adsense account?

    Thanks again for visiting my blog.

    Keep in touch always.


  5. Dave Pumfrey says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I’m just thought of another one.

    How do I get my posts to be opened in a tab when someone clicks on them instead of bouncing between them in the same page?



  6. Mark Austin says:

    Hi Tommy

    The head’s not too bad, how’s yours! LOL

    I guess your working on a WP themed ebook/product..me too!

    Maybe we should have a chat?

    I put up a similar post a few weeks back to get some feedback. There is over 80 comments and loads of ideas on what people want to know. The link is below, feel free to take what you can from it!


    There are loads of suggestions there and it has turned in to a much bigger project than just one ebook.

    Email me if you want to go over a few things.

    All the best

  7. Nikki says:

    Gaz-Mam, I’ve just replied to your query above on your blog – go see!

    Hi Tommy,

    Let’s see, what HAVEN’T I been asking people for help on?!

    I’ll take your questions one at a time:

    1) What were the things you struggled with?
    Finding the right plugins to enhance my blog – the actual installation of the blog was pretty straightforward as I used Dean Holland’s book and just worked round it for WP 2.7 (his book relates to the previous version). Working out what on earth my theme was doing (I downloaded one for free, hence the purple-ness of it all) – I think my footer will still cause me problems but I’ll deal with that at the time!

    2) If you were to try and create your own blog, what information do you wish you had to make the task easier?
    A step by step idiots guide – in all fairness Dean Holland’s guide was very helpful for this, it was all explained clearly and in simple terms so ideal for a newbie. However, I now need help with the whole Aweber thing and getting the relevant opt-in boxes on my blog.

    3) Is there anything that you are still unsure or struggling with?
    Oh, I kind of answered that above. For those of you reading this on Alex’s programme, I’m still to get my PPP up. For those that aren’t, this relates to getting images and opt-in boxes into my sidebar on my blog.

    Other than that I think I’m reasonably ok (ha – famous last words!)


  8. Nikki says:

    Gaz-Mam?? WTF? You can tell I’m not used to typing on my work keyboard at the mo – meant Gaz-MAN! Sorry!

  9. Dean Holland says:

    Hey brother

    Hows things ??

    Wanted to say mate, if you have tryed to call me at all my moblie phone is not working and hasnt for 2 weeks now ..

    Damn technology eh !!

    Sounds like you got something up your sleeved planned here brother… Hhhmmmm Whatcha gunna do bro ??

    Sounds interesting.. Watch this space eh 🙂

    Best wishes


  10. Gary SIMPSON says:

    Heh, Nix, I saw your little gaffe and smiled. Gazz-Mam. Hey! I’ve been called a girl before. I’ll contact you for that info ASAP.



    Tommy, I have a surprise for you dude. A BIG one.

    Email me with “Tom to Gazz-Man” in the subby line, so I don’t miss it. And do it BLOODY fast. Like ASAP!

    Gazz-Man from Gazz-Land

  11. @ Gaz – Email sent mate 😉

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